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  1. If its possible for you two to stay in Korea about 8 months longer you should consider DCF processing through the Seoul Embassy. The process is easier and faster than doing it though NVC in the states. Of course this is all predicated on you being a work visa holder E-2 or other classification besides tourist class. When my wife and I did our processing the first time it took us 8 months. We went slow and careful and had no hassles at all.
  2. Toda,y we got our IR-1 at the Seoul Consulate. The whole process for us was unusually fast It took 84 days from beginning to end. I-130 took 3 business days to process. Filling out the DS-260 and collecting documents for the final interview took 18 days. The rest of the time was waiting for the interview. As posted above the observations were spot on. Generally a very efficient process. We've done this once before a number a years ago (2012) and both of us thought this time was better. Still stressful getting thing done and trying like the dickens to not make any mistakes. In the end if you take your time ask as many questions as you can from many trusted sources you will come out on top. All in all I would say both my wife and I are very happy by the way things worked out.
  3. Just a little note on my experience for those that may be considering DCF processing through the Seoul, South Korea field office. Overall the experience was great. The embassy officials and security staff were kind, helpful, considerate and professional. The total time to get through the whole process from arrival to finishing answering all our questions was around 20 min. They opened the customer window early because we were the only people there at the time and we were a few minutes early for our appointment. Here is a list of documents that they took when we submitted. In the end the list of documents asked for was minimal and pretty straight forward. 1. i-130 and i-130a petition 2. 2 color USA Passport size photographs. 1 each for both of us 3. Copies of the biographic pages of our passports 4. Copy of my alien registration card 5. Copy of my wife's Korean ID card 6. Copies of my wife's Korean Family Census Register - 3 separate parts as outlined on the Seoul Embassy website 7. Copy of our marriage certificate 8. Copies of my entry and exit into and out of Korea to coaberate my address history. 9. Fee of $535 USD The one thing that has surprised us both is how quick approval came. We applied on Friday September 9 just before the Labor Day weekend. We thought it would mean a delay of a few days in what was explained to be an 8 week process. Well, we were wrong. The USCIS approval came on Wednesday September 6. So in reality is took just 3 full business days to process us through DCF Seoul. Just keep in mind that our case is very rare. On average it is more like 5 weeks with more complicated cases taking longer. I hope this helps people get ready for this process. Also keep in mind that how well your documents are prepared will have a bearing on the time it takes to get through this stage. Make sure all copies of documents have a header that lists the petitioner and or beneficiary along with the date of birth. If you have an A-Number be sure to include that as well. Peace to all. Good luck and have a great one.