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  1. Thank you for your response. Can i sponsor my brother with my parents who is under 21?
  2. Hello Guys, I'm a permanent resident and my friend said i can still sponsor my parents. I would like to know if i can file for them now or wait to become US Citizen then file.
  3. Yes true. I will still submit enough documents to proof our marriage is legal. I was so mad when they denied me. Me and my wife both prepared for all documents. such as Joint bank statements, Joint Lease of the house, Utility bills, voided checks and more. I will be re-submitting all these but top of that, we lately both a house and its' on both of us names, Do you think i should submit that too? I'm filing for N-400 online this time. is it the right decision?
  4. I have only been in US for 5 years so i won't have access to 5 years transcript, will have only 4 years. I'm refiling N-400, previously it was denied and i was not asked for any transcripts at the time of interview.
  5. Hello Guys, 1. When i'm filing for N-400 under 5 year. Do i need to submit 5 year transcripts or 3 years? 2. If 5 years, what if i was unemployed and don't have 5 years, i only have 3 years. is it acceptable by USCIS?
  6. I was just confused, either to submit evidence for my marriage when filing under 5 year or no. I don't want to be the one sent so much documents when not filing under spouse.
  7. You mean chance to appeal after denial. I haven't got the answer to my question lol
  8. They think i'm not in this marriage and proof was not enough to show them i'm still married to US citizen. As the matter of fact, I provided more than what they asked for. My lawyer suggested not to appeal. Refile on 5 year Green Card. I'm not going to hire this lawyer is because he is asking for too much money.
  9. They said that evidence i provided to show if i'm marital status is not enough. I have provided more than enough to them. I'm refiling N-400 through my Green Card now. Do i need to submit bank statements or any other documents like i did before this time?
  10. Hello Guys, My N-400 was denied because of some stupid reasons. I'm re-filing now on my GC this time since i had my GC for more than 5 years. Previously I had to provide all joint papers such as (Bank statements, House papers, Bills etc) I want to know if i need to attach all these documents again or Just the 3 years tax transcripts. They are asking for my wife information and marriage info again not sure why since i'm filing on my own. Previously i mailed out the papers to USCIS office but this time i'm filing it online. Can you please share your experience if you ever file on your GC and did get approve? I really don't want to miss any papers and go through this long wait and get denied again. Appreciate your assistance.
  11. Hello, I'm coming to Visa Journey after a long time. I had my US Citizenship interview in May 2018, since i changed my name and the officer requested additional photographs which caused me a month delay. I have no update after that. I'm currently in NY and heard processing time varies based on where you're located. One of my friend told me it may be due to the name change is because they are doing background check. Any thoughts as why delay.
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