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  1. Yes. They did specify in the letter that they want those listed items. I'm thinking of writing an email to the immigration officer through online system. Do you think this will delay her process if i do that?
  2. Hello Guys, I'm putting this post for my sister. She filed for her husband and she received a RFE. I need your help in this and not sure how to provide the documents below (a) Proof of joint insurance policies or that one party was listed as a beneficiary on the insured spouse’s policy; (b) Property leases, mortgages, or registrations; (c) Shared financial obligations and assets such as jointly filed income taxes showing that each return was properly filed with the state or federal government, or jointly held bank accounts, credit card accounts or utility bills; Her husband has never been to US to having a joint insurance is not possible neither property lease or mortgage is because he has never been here. Also, without a social security it is not possible to above mentioned listed documents. I remember when i filed for my citizenship and they asked for the same documents and which is understandable is because i lived here and if someone never lived in US so how can they provide these documents. Please help what to do and your advise will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello Guys, I applied for my Mother and father both online and i received the electronic receipt online and case was assigned to Texas Service Center, since 1/7. It says case pending and under review. Is this something normal and how long can it takes for the status change? Thank you
  4. I used the same transcripts when applied for my Neutralization. No issues at all and shouldn't be any issue for you.
  5. Hello Guys, Need your help on the last page before i pay. I'm filing online for my parents and I have provided the evidence but the next page says. Please provide information on Religious Record School Record Census Record It never said anywhere on USCIS website that i need to submit these information except My Passport, Neutralization, Parent's marriage certificate and my birth certificate. What i'm assuming that i need to skip these info. Your help will be greatly appreciated to complete this.
  6. Thank you for the suggestion. I had to say yes and skip other questions. After i'm submitting evidence and next question says to fill out info below Religious Record School Record Census Record These questions are not in form but online and i believe i need to skip those questions.
  7. Yes. I have to pay for two separate application and pay two separate filing fee. In the first application, last question was if i'm filing for someone else separate and provide their info
  8. Hello Guys, I'm filing for my parents online and would like to know if i need to submit anything except below 1. My birth certification 2. My parents marriage certification 3. Copy of my passport 4. Copy of my neutralization Please let me know if anything else i'm missing i need to submit if you're aware. Thank you so much
  9. That question is obvious for those who came to states through Immigrant VISA. Next page is asking for Alien # and the Visa Category which makes sense. This option is not valid for my parents since they never came to states through immigrant visa. Only through tourist visa. I looked at all category and there is no option for tourist visa and all categories are for immigrant visa type.
  10. When you answer yes and on the 2nd page it's asking under what category he came to states. There is no option for B2 Visa and most are for immigrant category. Please advise how shall i proceed for this question
  11. They are asking if my beneficiary ever been in states before. Yes they been here on Tourist visa but from the list most options are immigrant category so should i say no?
  12. So to answer the question : I need file for two separate i-130. One for my mom and 2nd for my dad correct?
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