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  1. All the tickets were received while out on rentals, parking tickets usually placed on windows etc. So naturally they come to me in the mail addressed to me as the assumed driver.
  2. Ok thank you, do you think i should consult an officer there on the day?
  3. But they are addressed to my name although it is clients who are actually doing the violating. I didn't have this company at that time.
  4. I have a question about the following question on the questionnaire you received to bring to the oath ceremony. I own a luxury car rental business and many of the vehicles are registered in my personal name, so each month I receive a number of citations (mostly parking tickets) which I pay immediately and later reimburse myself trough the business. There does be the odd red light violation or missing plate citation etc, but generally you just pay the ticket, the red lights are easily proved not to be me. Anyway I'm guessing technically I need to answer yes to this question, so im wondering if it will cause me any issues on the day, any delays or postponements.. Is there anyone I can call ahead of time to explain in case they want me to bring anything specific? Thoughts? Thanks guys.
  5. Im curious if they usually will approve you on the day of the test or if they send a letter later? Thanks guys got mine on Monday!
  6. Thank you, my interview date came its July 22nd. After that how long until Oath interview?
  7. Thank you. The counters in their website or this site? Yea I was curious what it means 15 day wait then estimated Time to completion ... also does anyone know how king you usually have from the notice of interview till the interview? Study time lol.
  8. Hey Guys, So I filed for my citizenship last July, I had an update to say my case was transferred to another office (does this only happen to even out the workload?) - It says there is a 15 day wait time and also it says about 3 months to complete so what exactly does that mean? What is next? A letter with interview date or what happens next? Thanks, guys.
  9. Hey guys, I think i mentioned this when i first joined. Once when returning to US after finishing college there, i was denied entry under the visa waiver program. I had in my wallet 2 false driver licenses, 1 was California and 1 Ohio. The reason I had these was to obtain alcohol and be served in bars, I got them when friends came to visit and we were going to vegas. I got the californian one first and realized it didnt work to good, and my friend already had an Ohio one which he had no problems with. Thats why i ended up with 2. I had gotten a couple of visitor visa and a J1 since that happened. But last year, when trying for F1 they did bring this up. Do you guys think it could pose any threat during my interview. The officers who granted me the previous visa where understandable as to why I had them. But Im not sure about the officers who refused my F1. Im pretty sure the main reason F1 was refused more so due to the time i had spent in US and my ties where not deemed strong enough now. Thanks
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