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  1. You are ROCKIN that hairstyle on your avatar photo! Too cute!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes :-) and you have a good time at Rebel Salute!

  3. I was thinking about you and hubby - email or pm me when you have time.

  4. Congrats on the pregnancy! Have you decided on a name for your son yet?

  5. Hey, miss seeing you around! I'm waiting to steal the dancehall queen title from you :-)

  6. Hope all went well with your interview!

  7. Happy "shared" birthday!

  8. Happy "shared" birthday!

  9. Happy "shared" birthday!

  10. Happy "shared" birthday!

  11. Happy "shared" birthday!

  12. Happy "shared" birthday!

  13. Happy "shared" birthday fellow yardie!

  14. You picture on your profile is sooo cute :) and the little one on your shoulders is precious!

    *Happy New Year*

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