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    Ok, so I had just finalized my divorce in October 2006,after 2 years of marriage and 6 years of 'trying' to make it work separately. My family had planned a trip back to JA for my Godparent's 50th Anniversary, in November 2006.

    I was staying at a hotel near Mo Bay and Ken worked there! He said 'Hi' my first day there and I grumbled 'Hi' back...I was so anti-love and men at that point. I didn't want to hear it. Everyday, he would find me and make sure to say 'Hi' or ask me 'How I was doing?' Well, he asked me to go to dinner with him and I hadn't really gone out since I had gotten to Mo Bay, I agreed. We went to the Ville and the Pelican for a Wacky Wednesday party and danced the night away! I hadn't had such a good time in YEARS!!

    We went to Coral Cliff the next night and just talked until I missed ther darn bus back to the hotel. And we went out the night after that! I really enjoyed his company and his passion to do better in life!

    He told me I would marry him on the the day I left and I just laughed. We exchanged numbers and I went home. We have spoken every single day since. Sometime around Christmas we realized that we had fallen in love and I was scared witless! I went down to JA in February and had a really good time with Ken again. Then I went back to JA. with my sons in June, (I needed to make sure that they would get along with him.) And the last night I was there he asked me to marry him and surprisingly ...I said yes!!

    So I say all this to say...Never say never...cause you never know what Jah has in store for you!

    It's a real "Stella" story...just without the sad ending!

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