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Adjustment of status
5:30 am April 11, 2018

Dee babez

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In 2016 I came to USA with a tourist visa then applied for f1 which got denied before I applied for adjustment of status in 2017. F1 got denied in September and I applied my adjustment of status in July. I did my interview in November since then I haven't heard from uscis. Does this mean I'm on remover proceedings I'm so worried that my f1 deniel visa can affect my current status. Any advise will highly appreciated

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12:05 am November 7, 2017


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Hello all,

I need a little help. My EAD CARD is about to expire and I'm not sure weather to renew it. I already had my AOS interview a month and a week ago but I haven't recieved anything in the mail and my case status still says you've been scheduled for an interview for 09/26/2017. The interview went well and the interviewertold us everything looked good and would have approved isnon the spot if he could ( new interviewer), but his supervisor has to go through the files to make sure he has all the documents and nothing is missing and he said I'll definetly recommend you for the green card, so look out for it in the mail,they will let you know. I know alot of people in San Jose, .CA have that issue, where there gc are taking over a month to be approved. So do I need to renew my EAD or go get a stamp?

Thank you

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POE or Transit Visa
12:38 pm October 7, 2017


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I am living in Zambia now with my USC husband, but I am Canadian. We would like to visit my family in Canada for a bit before doing the POE and entering the US. However, most flights to Canada connect through the US (the US is one of the few countries that requires you to go through customs even if you are just in transit and are not leaving the airport). I am a bit concerned that they will treat this like my POE, but I can't find anything online about it.

Does anyone know if this will be a problem or if there is anyone I can ask?


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My AOS through marriage Interview experience
5:23 pm September 28, 2017


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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share my interview experience since while I was waiting for my interview to be scheduled this page helped me alot.

My interview was scheduled for Sept 26th 2017 in San Jose,.CA for 9am.

First and foremost we were 12 minutes late, second I didn't have my passport with me ( I had lost my passport 3 weeks prior to my interview). I applied for a replacement which was sent 5days prior to my interview through DHL express, it was supposed to be delivered on the 25th but was stuck at customs in L.A ( I did not sleep, I was panicking)

Anyway, I decided to go to the interview still even if I was gonna be turned away. We were at security by 9:12am ?, they let us in, and told us to wait ( 5 people ahead of us, so pheww). The interviewer called my name at 9:42am. He smiled and greeted us, asked how our morning was going as he walked us to his office ( I relaxed then because he was friendly and cheerful).

He swore us in and asked us to sit. He asked me to say my full name, then asked for my ID, then asked my husband for his. He then asked for my passport and I told him I didn't have it and the whole story of why and handed him tracking details and police report, he didn't even look at it, but asked if I had a copy of my old one or copy of I-94, which I did and he looked at them and said that's good enough..phewww! He asked my husband what my name was,he asked me what my husband's name is, he asked me how old my husband is and when his birthday is and he asked my husband the same about me. He noticed our bdays are a day apart and he was like nice, so how do you celebrate? We said apart, and he said if you have one birthday you will save more money lol. He then moved on to the no questions about terrorism etc ( it was so funny because he has humor and was making funny faces and laughing with us). He asked if i was arrested, i said yes for dui, he wrote that down and asked if i was in a jail or detox,I said detox for 2 hours, if im still on probation and how much I had to pay. He asked if I learned my lesson and i'm nolonger taking such risks, I agreed and assured him and he said good.He then asked how I got to the US, what visa, date, port of entry, when I left and re-entered. What I'm doing with my life and school. He noticed that I fell out of status, so he asked for those dates and time frame, then asked if I plan to graduate and so we talked about that and my job. He asked my husband where btw worked, whay my father's name was and what year her passed away, he asked him where I was born (city) where muy mom lives, what her name is and how old is she. If he spoke to her and when last. He asked me the same about muy husband and his parents ( he was basically asking all the questions from the biographical page) which we both didn't get right, especially when it came to parents ages, he encouraged us to guess atleast and we were all just smiling. He then asked me to sign the form that I had answered. He then asked me to tell him how we met, where, when, did he propse, when did the relationship get serious, first date, where we ate. When we did our first anniversary, our last trip together, when we moved in together ( I made a mistake there, I wrote down the time we were partially living together but answered the date we got on the same lease) he challenged me on thst and I explained the confusion, which he said no worries I understand how that happened. He asked my husband what our joint sponsors name is ( which he said he just referes to him as grandpa as I do) and then he laughed. He asked me for documents that have both or names on, I handed him or savings account and checking, medical insurance forms, cable bill, pictures ( I was giving him one at a time and he kept asking "what else" until there was nothing else). He scanned the bank statements closely. He asked who came to our wedding, what we did after, he pointed at a bbq group pic and asked my husband what my friend's husband's name is, my husband can't pronounce his name right ( difficult African name) so he explained to the officer how he calls him bra and not his name because he doesn't want to disrespect him.. He laughed so hard about the bra part.

He looked at a picture of us at brunch, he liked it and said we are a good looking pair, he asked where we were and how looking ago that was.

He looked att everything and said that's out guys, everything looks good, I'm a new interview only 3 weeks here and I'm not authorized to approve anyone on the spot yet, and my supervisor will have to go through the file to see if I got all the documents required, but everything looks good so far, I'll recommend you for a green card, it just had to go through him and you should receive your card in 2-4weeks. He wished me luck in school, shook our hands and walked us out.

It was so pleasant to have him interview us, he was so friendly and shares my husband's sense of humor, it felt like we were having a chat with one of our friends.

Ps: he asked us to show him a text we shared September 15th * we didn't Havre phomes as the letter said no cellphones allowed* he said he thought they were allowed because a few people in the wait area had them.

It's been 2days since my interview and my case status still says as of Aug 25th nterview has been scheduled.

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i-751 Interview letter after Approval
5:42 pm June 26, 2016


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I had an interview end of February for ROC. Interview went well and was approved and given a hand delivered approval letter that said i should receive my 10 year Green Card in 60 days. I had an info pass appointment after 60 days had passed and was told the card was not yet in production and they stamped my passport with an extension.

Last week i received a standard interview notification for i-751 removal of conditions. The name of the officer looks like the same one that approved me previously. I'm confused. Any one gone through a similar situation to advise on what i need to do?

Thank you.

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