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N400 Appointment Letter
3:29 am October 16, 2019



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I have an upcoming naturalization interview however the post office lost my appointment letter. USCIS shows that they sent it but I didn t receive the letter. I m afraid by the time I request another one it might take some time to arrive. Does anyone know if its Ok to print the letter from my online account and take it to the office or do they need the original letter that comes in the mail?

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2:16 pm July 1, 2019

Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to reach out for some assistance with the naturalization process for a situation specific to my situation. A little background information in the USA in July 2014. After that, due to some unsafe country conditions related to my work. I applied for asylum based on sexual orientation in September of that same year and granted asylum in October of 2016. After that, I was eligible for a green card after a year and received my green card in March of 2017. That same year I met my husband and got married in December of 2016. Fast forward to today, I know a person is eligible for naturalization after three years they first receive their green card. However, in my case where I had initially filed for asylum based on sexual orientation, married a USA citizen in December 2016 and received my green card in March of 2017 not under marriage but as an asylee. My question is, can I still apply for naturalization successfuly sometime early next year 2020 without any hiccups?

Pls advise

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Adjustment of status
5:30 am April 11, 2018

Dee babez

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In 2016 I came to USA with a tourist visa then applied for f1 which got denied before I applied for adjustment of status in 2017. F1 got denied in September and I applied my adjustment of status in July. I did my interview in November since then I haven't heard from uscis. Does this mean I'm on remover proceedings I'm so worried that my f1 deniel visa can affect my current status. Any advise will highly appreciated

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12:05 am November 7, 2017



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Hello all,

I need a little help. My EAD CARD is about to expire and I'm not sure weather to renew it. I already had my AOS interview a month and a week ago but I haven't recieved anything in the mail and my case status still says you've been scheduled for an interview for 09/26/2017. The interview went well and the interviewertold us everything looked good and would have approved isnon the spot if he could ( new interviewer), but his supervisor has to go through the files to make sure he has all the documents and nothing is missing and he said I'll definetly recommend you for the green card, so look out for it in the mail,they will let you know. I know alot of people in San Jose, .CA have that issue, where there gc are taking over a month to be approved. So do I need to renew my EAD or go get a stamp?

Thank you

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POE or Transit Visa
12:38 pm October 7, 2017



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I am living in Zambia now with my USC husband, but I am Canadian. We would like to visit my family in Canada for a bit before doing the POE and entering the US. However, most flights to Canada connect through the US (the US is one of the few countries that requires you to go through customs even if you are just in transit and are not leaving the airport). I am a bit concerned that they will treat this like my POE, but I can't find anything online about it.

Does anyone know if this will be a problem or if there is anyone I can ask?


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