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Is my online Moroccan boyfriend lying to me? (merged)
10:44 am April 6, 2021


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Hello everyone,

I met a mwondeful Moroccan guy in a dating site back in January. He is 25 and I m 33 . I went into that site because I was going through a divorce and I needed someone to talk to. He helped me a lot, listened to me and made me feel a lot better about myself. We started of playing and joking for like around 2 weeks to a month. Then as we started sharing pictures of each other and he told me... I have a heart full of love but not money (LOL) at the moment I took it as a joke. But as We kept talking I realized what he said. He meant it, it s really difficult for him to get a job there specially because he hasn t finished high school. He told me I m his motivation and that he will now get it for me so we can have a better life together. I did tell him at one point that I could visit him so he can get an invite for a visa. He still told me he would marry me without knowing me (is that a red flag?). Also, my friends and I were going to go there together but at first he was okay with everything and then he insist that he wants me to go by myself. He say he would be more confortable to be just him and I. Him and I have an agreement, he can come to usa and work and if things work out we will have a relationship. If not, we will stay friends. Should I still go visit Morocco by myself?

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Pages: 1   (Viewing page 1 of 1 ) - topics in the last 5 years

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