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US Immigration from Turkmenistan

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Is the USCIS a secure location?
12:43 am August 23, 2019



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I sent my husbands package overnight with a 3pm delivery via UPS, but they had a delay so our package will be delivered at night. Is the location secure? I'm worried that since they are closed someone could steal our package if its just left outside or something. I'm hoping they at least have guards.

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What are the interviews like? My evidence so far
9:56 pm March 15, 2019



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So, my husband has a 2 year permenant resident visa expiring in September that we will submit for removal of conditions in June (90 days). I just learned about needing to submit this form today, and have the following information:

- Leases with both names

- Joint Tax returns

- Joint bank statements

- Utility Bill's (only one name, but same address)

- Family Insurance Statements

- Birth Certificate of our daughter

- pictures of us, our daughter etc

- plane tickets from when we all moved from Ohio to Texas together

- Greeting card from my parents with both names

- Love letters we wrote each other

My question is does this sound like enough information (A), and (B) If this isnt enough information what are the interviews like?

We've dated 8 years, and been married for 4 years with a 2 year old daughter.

Hearing if we fail to complete the form properly he could be removed from the USA is terrifying as a wife and mom. I want to do this correctly so our family can be happy.

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Filed I 865 late (very worried)
2:06 am March 14, 2019



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My husband is a permanent resident and upon moving we updated USCIS of our new address with form AR 11, but I forgot to update them with my (his sponsers) address change though its the same. It's been 9 months, and I just sent the form I 865 off. I'm terrified of a fine, jail, or deportation for him. Has anyone else filed their notice late as a sponser without being fined?

It was a honest mistake with the stress of our move.

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2 year home residency requirement and family based immigration!
6:51 pm August 4, 2016


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Hi everyone! I am so thankful for everything you are doing, it's really helpful!

I am a citizen of Turkmenistan. I was participating in UGRAD J1 exchange program financed by the us government and managed by IREX in 2014, so I know for sure that I am a subject to 2 year home residency rule. When I was applying for the exchange program I was studying in Russia and subsequently received my j1 visa in Moscow, Russia and departed to the USA also from there. In 2015 right after the program completion I returned back to Russia to carry on with my undergraduate studies and still continue to do so, have one more year left. This year my parents won a dv lottery and went to the USA, I applied along side with them for a green card in Turkmenistan but was refused with visa due to not completing my 2YHRR. We spoke to the counselor officer and she told us that the best way would be if my parents applied for family reunification from within the us, I also asked the counselor about the 2YHR requirement and she told me that as long as I stay outside the US and keep my Turkmen primary residency ("propiska" stamp in passport where the government registers the place of living)) and continue to study in Russia until two years pass I should be fine and by this way the requirement will be fulfilled. Now that I don't have my parents living in Turkmenistan I hardly believe that I would return there and currently I am considering to move to Russia permanently and proceed with family based reunification from here. So my question is:

1) after reading so many forums I now doubt that the counselor gave me the right information about the home residence requirement And since I am planning to proceed with my family reunification from Russia and obtain Russian citizenship would the embassy refuse me with the immigrant visa due to not actually living in Turkmenistan or if I provided them with "propiska" would suffice them? I am really confused with all this, please help me!

2) Should I keep my Turkmen citizenship or acquire the Russian on?

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After Green Card interview does case status change?
1:04 am July 14, 2016



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We got married October 2015. We sent our package November 2015. We had an interview yesterday in Newark(07/12/16). Immigration officer told us we will receive the decision in mail.I read that ,after two hours later from the green card interview case status usually updated. Is that true? Because mine is not updated. Still same. It still says that interview is scheduled? Is it normal? Can I have help please?

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