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USC not truthful during secondary screening - impact?
10:08 am May 5, 2023



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In 2020 me and my then to be wife travelled to the US on the same flight from her home country and were married two days later in the US on a prescheduled appointment. We travelled separately and I used the USC line while she used the travel line for foreigners on a visit visa.

I was taken into secondary screening and was asked about my dating/relationship status and I told the officer that I was not seeing anyone at that time. She asked me why and I said I wasn't really looking to date at that time. We stayed in the US for a month and then returned back to her home country where we had our proper wedding and have been living here ever since.

I'm curious if this could cause issues for us down the line? My wife didn't have secondary screening and was asked for the purpose of her visit at the counter and she said it was for shopping and visiting family. Our marriage in the US was more of just a procedure as I didn't want to have a foreign marriage certificate that had to be translated etc and was done via zoom. Our main wedding with family and friends was held later in her home country.

We eventually plan on moving back to the US via CR1/IR1. Thanks in advance.

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Applying for CR1 and CRBA
7:48 am May 3, 2023



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I am a naturalized US Citizen via my first marriage to a US Citizen and currently married to my second wife, living overseas and expecting our first child. I will be filing for a CRBA for our child once he/she is born in a few months and also plan on filing CR1 for my wife a short time after. As I am going through some of the paperwork and forums, I am worried about what information I will need from my first marriage as it was a long time ago and I don't have too many records from that time. Is proof of bonafide first marriage generally required for CRBA and CR1 even though I am a citizen?

My first marriage was in 2000 (23 years ago) and we were divorced in 2004 and didn't have any children. I became a citizen in 2010 and my second marriage was in 2020. Thanks in advance for any inputs.

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Past 100 days waiting N400 still a decision can not make because have criminal record
1:43 am July 20, 2021


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Hi guys

a new guy coming here, thank you guys shares your stories.

I had a forgery offense arrested on June 2014

(no one injury , no one lost, just me took to jail 2 days.)

the Court terminated my probation on May 2015. meanwhile a felony conviction downgrade to a misdemeanor.

then the conviction was set aside.( I knew that like nothing, the record still following my whole life)

I granted my green card On December 2015 ,

my N400 interview on April-mid, 2021

IO said change name and no change name processing time is same so I chose change it.

finally IO said: a decision cannot yet be made about your application

case need time to review, between 30 days -120 days will send me result.

I knew only have one misdemeanor conviction is qualify citizenship application.

and that happed at 5 yrs ago.

I was past 100 days waiting still haven't decision,

often some case has criminal record and other issues

IO doesn't have right and jurisdiction approval your N400 application,

it need submit to their supervisors to review.

I want to know usually how long time will get final decision.


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Is the USCIS a secure location?
12:43 am August 23, 2019



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I sent my husbands package overnight with a 3pm delivery via UPS, but they had a delay so our package will be delivered at night. Is the location secure? I'm worried that since they are closed someone could steal our package if its just left outside or something. I'm hoping they at least have guards.

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What are the interviews like? My evidence so far
9:56 pm March 15, 2019



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So, my husband has a 2 year permenant resident visa expiring in September that we will submit for removal of conditions in June (90 days). I just learned about needing to submit this form today, and have the following information:

- Leases with both names

- Joint Tax returns

- Joint bank statements

- Utility Bill's (only one name, but same address)

- Family Insurance Statements

- Birth Certificate of our daughter

- pictures of us, our daughter etc

- plane tickets from when we all moved from Ohio to Texas together

- Greeting card from my parents with both names

- Love letters we wrote each other

My question is does this sound like enough information (A), and (B) If this isnt enough information what are the interviews like?

We've dated 8 years, and been married for 4 years with a 2 year old daughter.

Hearing if we fail to complete the form properly he could be removed from the USA is terrifying as a wife and mom. I want to do this correctly so our family can be happy.

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