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US Immigration from South Korea

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I-130 Additional Documents
5:39 am


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Hello. I have some questions on the additional documents that should be sent with i-130. I have questions on five areas. If someone can provide knowledge on all 5 areas then great. However, I will appreciate responses that clarify even one of these areas for me. Thanks!

1. To show that I am a US citizen, I am not clear if I need to send a copy of my birth cirtificate and a copy of my passport, or just one or the other. I have a copy of my passport but am not sure where my birth certificate is.

2. There are several documents they ask to receive in order to know the marriage is a bona fide marriage. They ask to see "one or more" documents. Is just one document type truly ok? Or would it be safer to send as many documents as possible for this section?

3. One of the bonafide marriage documents they ask for is "documentation showing that you and your spouse have combined financial resources." My wife and I use the same bank account, but the bank account is only under her name. There are plenty of transactions in there though that I could show are associated with me. Should I show maybe a few months of bank statements? Is there any particular format I should follow to show that our financial resources are combined?

4. Likewise for the "affidavit" of marriage do I need to follow any particular format for the information they request? Is there a certain number of affidavits I should use? Could the affidavits be any people? (i.e. in laws, mutual friends)

5. I also plan to submit pictures and text messages to show that we have a bonafide marriage/relationship. Again, is there a particular format that is best to follow to show this documentation?

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Working in US while in Processing Green Card/EAD Card
3:06 am


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Hello, my husband is currently an F-1 visa student working for OPT in a company with Student EAD card.

He wants to make more money in order to save for our future and wanted to know if he is alright to have a second job such as Uber or some other job that is not related with his major(Bachelor degree) with his current SSN and EAD card while in processing of green card/EAD combo card.

I heard something would be waived as long as my husband came to America legally and had the right visa.

Can anyone confirm this? I am currently working two jobs but he also wants to help for our better future.

Please let us know.

Thank you for your time.

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Time to file I-751. One issue though
3:12 pm


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Hi everyone,

Can t believe it s been already almost 2 years since I got my green card. Just like everyone I have to file for ROC, which 90 days was Oct 27th and I have till about January to file one so preparing everything at the moment.

I, although, changed my name at the court after getting green card (my first name) to accommodate my name which has been called by all my friends while I was here in the states in the past 14 years and I changed to that name on my driver license and social security card but my green card and passport remain as my old name. I couldn t risk being without green card for too long, maybe I was wrong because I was looking for jobs at the moment.

Now i I was wondering what would be the complication of filing ROC. I was told that name discrepancy between green card and all others is accepted and when I file one, do I put my green card name as a petitioner and use my new name as other names used? Also I would assume I need court document to show the name change, right?

Any input will be greatly appreciated

Thank you!!

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I-130 Address Questions
8:14 am


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Hello. I went through several posts to make sure these questions weren't already asked. If they are often asked questions I apologize. I will really appreciate any help.

1. My spouse is from Korea. What should I put in the "state" box for her address?

2. Do I put the same number in zip code and postal code? Should I leave one of these blank?

3. The i-130 form asks for our intended address in the USA. I am not too sure what our address will be. I will return to the USA in March and my wife will come to the USA in maybe winter of next year. Is it ok to just put an estimated guess of what our address could be?

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RFE for I-864
5:14 pm


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I submitted my AOS back in May and just got an RFE. It states that my husband doesn t make enough but the poverty level for immigration in 20k and some change for a family of two? He makes roughly a bit more than three times the amount.

Anyways, when we applied he had just recently started his job (been there for less than a year) by we included all his paychecks and his job offer and acceptance letter which stated his yearly salary. Plus his salaried job was included in last years taxes as well.

So, should we just send everything we already sent all over again? What else are we supposed to send? It also stated in the RFE that he might need a sponsor?


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