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US Immigration from South Korea

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I-693 - What are we Paying For in the Initial Price?
7:08 pm January 21, 2019


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I was wondering, what is it that we are paying for when we are told the "initial price" of the Immigration Medical? Is this just the cost for the doctor to review our current documents and do all the paper work? Or does this usually include a little bit more except for immunizations? My husband and I are currently "shopping around" for a nice price for the medical. But I just want to be a little more educated on what it is we are paying for in the initial price.

The first place just said $220, not including immunizations.

The second place said $150, but bloodwork and immunizations would be between $200-800 extra.

The third place said $200 just to review the documents and included a TB test if needed. But would be an additional $340 for anything else needed.

Now of course, I don't expect things to be cheap, I just want to know what I am paying for with the initial price they are mentioning. The offices seemed to avoid that question, so hopefully I can find help from the community!

Thank you in advanced!

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F1 Question
5:18 am January 21, 2019


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I am from South Korea and I applied to Los Angeles English Language School. I just finished with the military and I am looking to improve my english to take the test for a job in Korea. The fastest way is fully immersing myself in American culture and environment. I am planning to start school on July 1, 2019 and I just got approved for the school. They sent me an I-20 so I need to pay the Sevis fee to make an appointment for the interview.

Do anyone have any tips for the F-1 interview?

Is there anything I specifically need to prepare for the interview?

My ties to South Korea are my elderly parents that I need to come back to support. What other strong ties can I use for the interview?

Thank you!

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Finanacial requirement
1:40 am January 18, 2019

Mr Genuis

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Hello everyone. PLease I need help here. Has someone used 21 000 dollars before as anual income without a joint sponsor during interview?. What was the outcone of the visa? What was your expirence?

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Finanacial requirement
2:39 am January 16, 2019

Mr Genuis

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Hello everyone. PLease I need help here. Anyone who has gone through this. My wife previous tax years were not great. 2018 was okay. My worry is the previous years if it appears on the tax transcript do i need a joint sponsor?

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I 130 Approval
7:05 am January 15, 2019

Mr Genuis

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My i130 was approved today! Ask me any question i am ready to help you. Am happy haha

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