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US Immigration from South Korea

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Hepatitis B question?
5:14 pm May 1, 2024


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My partner was vaccinated twice in her home country before being approved for the K1 visa. Now we are in the United States and applying for AOS. Will she be required to get the third dose before our AOS is approved?

Thank you.

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AOS EAD Question
6:31 pm April 29, 2024


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Is it still worth it to send in your I765 work authorization form with your I485 form? And the EAD would only be valid until the I485 is approved? The new fees are pretty high and I don t believe my fianc is going to be working anytime soon so thinking about spreading out the fees. She will be going to school in the meantime.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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ESTA Status Change After Approval? (Merged)
3:11 pm February 7, 2024



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My wife had an approved ESTA since November of last year. Today, she got an email saying that "ESTA Status Change" has happened, telling her to check the ESTA website. When we go to the website, it says the application is pending .

My wife and I are going through the CR-1 visa process. We are almost done with the process, hopefully, as her interview is now scheduled on early April. Could this be why they are reviewing the ESTA again? If they deny the ESTA after this pending status, will this negatively affect our CR-1 application?

I heard that CBP won t say why this is happening but I wanted to know if anyone knows a similar case, where ESTA status changed due to other immigration visas.

Country is South Korea, FYI.

Here is a quick background info about us:

Dec/2021: My wife s first ESTA gets approved. (Had no issues with the first ESTA, traveled to US for four times total, each visit lasting no longer than two weeks)

Dec/2022: We applied for CR-1 and submitted I-130

Oct/2023: I-130 approved, sent to NVC

Early Nov/2023: My wife s passport expired, renewed it

Late Nov/2023: Applied for a new ESTA with the new passport (Never visited US with this new ESTA)

Dec/2023: Interview scheduled for CR-1

Feb/2024: ESTA Status change email received

Thank you in advance.

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Options after Re-entry permit denied
6:41 am January 29, 2024



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My wife (greencard holder) and I (us citizen) have been living abroad for the past 21 months due to my work. Before leaving I filed paperwork for a re-entry permit. Unfortunately that request was denied because it was received 3 days after we had left the USA.

I believe there are two options:

1. Apply for SB1 return visa at the consulate...her reason for being outside would be my work abroad. It takes a lot of time and resources (medical check again, etc..) to go through

2. Travel to USA and explain the situation to the immigration officer. We have a home still in the USA, as well as bank accounts, etc. We also have a US citizen 5 yr old son.

I am hoping to get any comments here on the effort it takes for getting a SB1 return visa. I would also love to hear the cons for option 2: would they send her back given her situation or give us a court date to explain the situation to a judge?

Any wisdom/advice is appreciated.

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Inquiry on I-751 Processing Status and Follow-Up Procedures
3:33 pm January 23, 2024


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Once your I-751 has been submitted and you have received the 48 extension letter, is it advisable to periodically check the status of your interview/card. Do you check on my.uscis.gov occasionally, or do you wait for them to contact you?

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