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Confused by Husband's I797C NOA Receipt #s
5:25 pm May 9, 2022


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We were married in October (K1) and submitted applications for adjustment of status, work permit, advance parole and received NOA/I-797C for each of them. The receipt number for all of them starts with IOE which means digital/electronic processing I read on some attorney's websites. It says on the bottom of each I-797C that the USCIS office is "National Benefits Center". I'm just trying to get more information to see if we've done something wrong. He was called to and attended the biometrics appointment at the local office in December, and we haven't heard anything after that. When using the tracking feature on USCIS website, it just says "Actively Reviewing" for each document/application.

I'm getting paranoid and the stress he is experiencing at having no ability to work or travel to see his family is becoming very hard for him psychologically. Sorry if this is answered elsewhere; just hoping to get answers and make sure we did everything right and haven't missed something.

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i-765 Approved: Can My Wife Start Working, or Does She Have To Report A Job She's Applying to First?
11:58 pm May 5, 2022


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The title pretty much says it all, but I'm wondering if there's special instructions now that my wife is approved to work. She's applying to a job and we are wondering if there's additional documentation she'll have to bring to the employer, and/or there is an extra step or website we have to go to report a new job to the USCIS?

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Expedite Info Pass for I-551? Stolen wallet, stolen Green Card :(
9:30 am April 30, 2022


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Hello, my green card was approved and in hand.. until someone stole it recently. I filed for I-90 to replace the green card on March 5th, and while waiting, I realize my travel to home country is coming up soon. June 3 2022 is my travel date, and I called for Info pass appointment ans I 551 (ADIT stamp) for temporary "green card" passport stamp. I made a phone call on April 21st. The agent asked me if this was an emergency trip, so I said yeah I have to fly in 30 days, so she said ok good someone will call you in the next days.

It's been 7 days since I called them, with no answer, so I called again on april 28th, and the agent responded:

"Because your situation for ADIT stamp doesnt call for within 10 days (very immediate attention!), someone will call you to arrange info pass appointment before May 21 (one month since april 21). It has to be emergency travel, work authorization, need of medical care... etc"

I am seeing posts that people dont have open appointment slots that even for 10 day emergency trips it's hard to find.

I want to ask for emergency trip because I dont want to risk delaying my trip.

Does anyone know if USCIS people ask for proof of my situation by email, before approving my case?

I've read small cases here and there, but I'd like inputs if anyone has heard of similar case.

Thank you.

TLDR- trip booked for 6/3, but info pass arrangement call will be made to me by 5/21 or before. Given theres only 7-8 business days from 5/21 til 6/3, I want to try to say "it's a very urgent trip" case again by calling.. maybe employment verification. What evidences have you guys needed to send for your case?

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2nd Bachelors Degree in the US?
5:37 pm April 26, 2022


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Hello folks. My fianc e received her bachelors in her country but thinks if she were to pursue the same path then it might be more beneficial to receive a bachelors from an Accredited univerisity/college in the US. Mind you, she barely speaks English so she ll need to start with ESL classes first I figured since she already has a degree and working experience it shouldn t matter but she thinks otherwise. Any suggestions? If it helps, she majored in performing arts - clarinet and have performed in multiple orchestras.

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Re-entry the U.S as a green card holder
3:56 am April 22, 2022

Mr Genuis

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Hello everyone. Have you traveled out of U.S as a green card holder? If yes.., which line did you stand on or follow at the airport? Immigrant line, Citizen's line or regular Visitor's line?

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