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1.  Help with i130 and i864 form

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Help with i130 and i864 form
1:44 am February 3, 2024


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I am the sponsor petitioning for my husband who is currently in the US seeking AOS but he has a 17 year old daughter who is currently living in his home country and I want to also petition for her to obtain a visa tor permanent residence in USA. I am a bit confused about how to complete a section on my i 864 form, specifically the questions in part 3 asking whether she would follow within 6 months or after. I would like to file along with my petition for my husband. Is this possible to include her on my i130 petition for him or do I need to submit a separate form for her solely since she is not currently in the USA?

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DS 693 needed?
7:31 pm October 2, 2019



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Hi i am reapplying for a denied 485 application, or case was considered abandoned due to an RFE that went unanswered.

Do i need a new medical exam to refile the 485? Buried in the instructions it says you don't need to send the 693 with the 485 but i just want to be sure im doing this the right way.

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Denied 485
7:07 pm September 29, 2019



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Buckle up!

April 2017: applied for AOS

Sept 2017: GC interview

Sept 17 to June 2019: radio silence

June 11 2019: updated status online 485 denied

Need to wait for denial letter with details before taking action should be 2 weeks

June 25: no letter, filed inquiry should hear by July 28

July 28: no letter called USCIS told us we'd get within 30 days

Sept 3: letter comes but it's not a denial letter

they resent orig 485 receipt

Sept 10: filed FOIA to get denial letter

Sept 28: finally got denial letter through FOIA application.

Apparently the reason for denial was an RFE in may 2019 that we didnt respond to. the issue is we never got an RFE in the mail i notice they have the wrong address in the header of denial letter which is why we didn't get that either assuming the RFE went to that adress also. We have gotten several corespondence letters via USPS including his work permit and receipts at our current address so i have no idea why only those 2 things went to the old address. So the question is do i file a new 485 or a motion to reopen? Work permit is set to expire 10/28 and im lost

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