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Petitioning US citizen child, who is currently in US
9:20 pm January 23, 2024



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Hi guys,

I am looking for a little help and VisaJourney has helped me so much in the past. I am trying to petition and file 485 at the same time for an under 16 year old child of US citizen who is currently in the US on a non-immigrant visa.

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I want to apply for B1/B2 visa, but I had an i130 approved and then withdrawn in 2014
2:07 am January 6, 2024



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I want to apply for USA non immigrant B1/B2 visa to attend a medical conference in October 2024 and to take a tour in Miami while on my way to Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Current Nationality : Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Carribean (Citizenship by investment) since December 2023.
Age: 37 years.
Status: Married.
Occupation: Physician with MD Certificate working and living in Dubai, UAE.

- I had previously got a US B1/B2 visa in JAN 2013. At that time I was holding Palestinian passport (my original nationality). I was living and working in Saudi Arabia.
- I have travelled one time to the US in November 2013 for externship training in infectious diseases in Denver, Colorado. The airport immigration granted me 6 months duration of stay.
- During my stay, I have met a lady (which is a LPR) and we got married in JAN 2014 in the US.
- My ex-wife applied for me an I-130 petition for alien relative of LPR and was approved on March 2014.
- For some reasons, the marriage wasn't working out properly.
- I have left the US in March 2014 (My visa was granted until May 2014).
- On Spetember 2014, my ex-wife applied for withdrawing my I-130 as we concluded to terminate the marriage. On December 2014 my I-130 was revoked and a revocation notice was sent to my ex-wife US address which she didn't give to me.
- On Spetember 2014 a decree of Dissolution of Marriage was issued by Denver CO court.
- Ever since that time I didn't apply for a US visa.
- Currently I am married since October 2020 and we are expecting a baby soon.
- I have strong ties to my country of residence (UAE) in form of Golden visa, work, investments ,assets and my wife.

I have multiple questions:
1- Will the previous application and revocation of I-130 affect my application for non immigrant visa now?
2- What questions to expect during the interview about the application and how to answer them correctly?

I really appreciate your time and effort to respond to my post and thanks for taking the time to read the post.

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N400 3 months since interview, still placed in line for Oath Ceremony
4:09 pm March 9, 2021



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Hi everyone. Just want to see if anyone else is experiencing huge delays getting their Oath ceremony scheduled.

I had my combo interview for Removal of Conditions on a Green card and Naturalization under 3 years rule back in December 2020 and I am still in line for Oath ceremony according to USCIS portal.

My local office is Charleston, SC. My 10 year green card got approved 2 weeks after the combo interview but seems like N400 got stuck in the mud.

Please share your experiences.

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TERRIBLE officer behavior at combo interview, need HELP and ADVISE
8:35 pm December 18, 2020



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Hi everyone!

Me and my husband just went for my combo interview ( i-751 and n-400) and OH BOY it was absolutely humiliating experience.

First they made us wait in the lobby for 45 minutes when every other person got admitted pretty much straight away. Then they officer showed up and called me and told my husband to wait. And the hell started to happen. His first question after getting my oath and date of birth was why I decided to change my surname to my husband`s and stated I should not do so because it would not convince him that our marriage is legit. I said that at the time of the wedding we did not think about it ( married on a tiny island in Caribbean not in States) but I do want to change my surname now, its time I said.

Next he asked little about when we got married, and then said : "Mam did you married your husband for green card?". I did say no i did marry him coz i love him. He started threatening me that he had seen many people in that chair and no one will admit to it. Then he asked if we have kids. And here is the WORST part. I said no, he asked why. I said we want to and had a sad experience this July with miscarriage. He look at me with disguise in his face and said "And you have a paper to prove it?" I honestly replied that I did not think this is related to my interview so no I did not bring it and he laughed and said " Of COURSE you do NOT have them!" so he accused me of lying about my miscarriage. I stated shaking with anger inside but kept looking still and calm.

Then the ball started rolling, he kept asking if I married for green card. I calmly said 2 more times No i did coz I love my husband. He started going through my file and said "I don`t know how you got approved to come here at all because I dont see any proof of legit marriage" And let me tell you, I sent SO MUCH! We have joint account which both our salaries go to, we pay bills from it, we own a house together, we own cars, insurances, tons of pictures of my family here with his, we went to Russia with my spouse to see my family as well, trips to Mexico, NY, vacations, cards from friends and family.....NAME IT!

He then continued: "Why your name is not on a rental lease for apartment?". First, that was 3 years ago, second I explained that rental company would not place me as renter due to no DL and job ( that was when I just moved here) so my husband is renter and I shown as occupant. Also I added we do own our hose for over a year now which we both own. He opened my bank statement ( joint account) and said : " I dont see any bills here, just Amazon and going out to restaurants" I took recent statement from my docs I brought and said here, you can actually see all bills per month we pay from same account. He did not want to look ( I also sent them with my N-400 so he just did not spend any time to study our case) He did not want to see any evidence I brought, pictures etc. He took our deed on house and thats it.

I passed all tests easily. Then he asked how we met, I explained. Then called in my husband. He asked him also how we met and when he said same as I did with exact date (we do celebrate this as our anniversary as well so we know it) he said "Sounds like you both learnt it by hard!"

He asked if we have more to add, because he does not believe in our marriage, my spouse offered all the same as I did plus IRS taxes showing both filing together, but officer said it is not a proof coz it is financially benefits to file together!!!!

In the end officer said we will hear smth back in 30 days or less by mail.

Anyways, he was mean, humiliating, talking to me like I am sort of criminal. Also made comments after every of my answer showing he does not give a #$%$#@! what I said and he made his mind about us. He treated me so bad that after the interview I could not stop crying, my husband got extremely mad coz he saw it with his own eyes.

I just want to share this with you and you to tell me what you think. Once again, we are happily in love, all possible proof was offered, I adore his family, we had proof of their and my family vacation together over Christmas, tons of pics, etc etc. I did not one time interrupted him, or made a face or raised my tone. I was acting overly polite even tho I wanted to tell him how inappropriate he is acting. I kept being calm.

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to update
11:36 am October 23, 2020

Tere Branly

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hi everyone ... does anyone know how long it takes USCIS to update the page we had the 10/20 interview and your case is still ready for interview ...

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