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Lost Green Card, pending I-750
12:18 pm May 6, 2022



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My husband recently lost his green card, which is expired (we have the extension letters). We submitted for the removal of conditions back in March 2021 and our case status has been showing Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview since December 16, 2021. We also have a pending N-400 application.

2 questions:

1. Is it worth requesting a replacement green card given that his green card was expired and we are waiting for a new GC anyways once conditions have been removed?
2. is it normal that it s taking so long to schedule the interview for removal of conditions?


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Denial after early filing
9:48 pm December 16, 2021



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I have recently been denied to become a US citizen because of early filing. I was granted asylum in 2016. I remember that the immigration officer mentioned that I should wait one year to apply for Green card, and five years from 2016 to apply for citizenship. Prior to filing on January, I have seen on different forums that refugees and asylees can apply for N400 four years after becoming permanent residents.

The funny part that they accepted my application and sent me a NOA the same day, then I received a biometric reuse letter in February. Why did they accept my application in the first place if I was not eligible? SMH

On October 25th, I was scheduled to show for an interview on December 2nd.

I arrived to the interview's site, waited for an hour to be called in. An IO called my name and asked to follow her to the office. She went over everything on my application, and gave the civic test and the writing.

At the end she informed me that I applied too early. I did not wait for five years, I became permanent resident on February 20th 2017 which was only four years from the time I applied. she said that i should've waited till the end of 2021 to apply.

She gave me a paper that said that a decision cannot be made yet, and that they will send me a letter in the mail in 7-10 days. I received the letter last week and I knew that I was denied.

I am so pissed because I just lost $725 for no reason.

I live in New York City the office that handles applicants in Brooklyn is mad slow. My question is how long should wait to reapply? and how quickly would USCIS process my case since I am applying a second time and paying another $725 lol. Ridiculous!!!

Under the 5 year rule I became eligible for 90-day early filing on November 22nd.

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Dakar Senegal processing times
11:07 am July 12, 2021



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Hi everyone, hoping to find someone in a similar boat or to get an ballpark idea, approved I130, PD: 8/2019, DQ: 2/6/2021 (lawyer screwed up big time and delayed the case), is Dakar scheduling interviews if so share the time between DQ and interview schedule. I also submitted a request to expedite due to medical condition, have not heard anything. Please if you could share any info it will be greatly appreciated

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Has anyone expedited a Cr1/Ir1 in Dakar, Senegal with success?
5:16 pm May 11, 2021



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Hi everyone,

Has anyone successfully expedited their case in Dakar? I have been trying with Valid reason and provided medical records on behalf of my husband but got declined. Any interviews lately? DQ dates?

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i130 Spousal approved Priorty date 8/30/19
12:57 pm April 29, 2021



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Good Morning,

Here is to hoping to find other people going through the same thing. USCIS case approved early 2020, priority date is August 30th 2019, still awaiting VISA interview to be scheduled with Dakar, what is the time frame we have been waiting since april 2020. TIA

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