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Fiance Visa (K1) Issued
4:08 pm February 26, 2019



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A friend of mine Fiance was approved and issued a K1 Visa, but within weeks of the visa being issue, they married before her fiance enter the U.S. She still oversea and after receiving information through another friend, he is now concerned that her visa is no longer valid as they are now husband and wife and may not be allowed to enter the U.S with the K1 Visa. Can she use this visa to enter the U.S or they are screwed-up? If so, what options do they have?

Thanks for all the responses and help!

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I-130 May 2018 Filers
12:27 pm May 13, 2018



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Who else is a fellow May filer?

May this journey be easy and speedy for us all!

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Third world service
2:44 pm February 25, 2018



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for the past few years, I have been (as an Advocate) assisting immigrants through a long process; I must say, immigrants, in general, obey the law and do everything by the law, but Immigration is indeed a broken system, it reminds me of "Third World" country where people are only numbers. recently I have witnessed Immigrants given the wrong information or simply immigration have lost their files. it brakes my heart knowing some of those Immigrants have been waiting for 10 or more years and when the time comes for the final step, they discover an error or some of the filing requirement has expired. I wonder if this is a strategy to add to exhaust to the immigrants or simply a form of racism. Did Immigration staff forget they were once Immigrants?

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Mr.Babacar Dieye(jay)
3:49 am March 6, 2017

Babacar Dieye

Babacar Dieye

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Hey to everyone

I file I-485 had my interview at the end of the interview she asked me to send $1000.00 and birth certificate and God knows they received everything after waiting for one year and 4months I received a letter of denied I-485.

uscis said they never received my birth certificate, but they received the $1000.00, my lawyer sent them again my birth certificate with the proof showing the birth certificate was sent( with a filling fee of $630 I290B) on November 2016 they received on the 28 of November 2016

anyone had the similar case and anyone knows about it

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