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Work visa while CR1 pending
2:39 pm August 19, 2022



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Me(citizen) and my wife(foreigner) are currently going thru CR-1 process and waiting on i-130. She has just been offered a job in the US by an employer willing to sponsor a work visa. How does getting a work visa effect the CR-1 process? What happens when i-130 is approved? Would she need to leave the country even if she has a work visa?

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What visa should we apply for.
11:58 pm March 14, 2021



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I guess I'll start with our story. We met in Singapore in 2018 where we both were studying at the time and essentially fell in love immediately and since then she has visited the US and I have visited twice (one of those times we lived together for four months thanks to covid!). Due to Covid we have decided we want to tie the knot as soon as possible as being apart is simply a drag on both of our mental health. She is due to finish her PhD (Still in Singapore) in spring 2022 and we have both agreed that as soon as the borders we would like to get married in Singapore (June-September 2021-TBA?) and apply for US immigration soon after that.

Some things of note:

  • Singaporean student visa expires May 2022. At that point she would either need to leave Singapore or find a job in Singapore to remain there.
  • Once we are married her going back to the Maldives will likely not be a option for a variety of reasons including potential non-recognition of muslim/non-muslim marriage, family cutting her off, and potential for arbitrary legal harassment.
  • For the reasons above we would like to apply from Singapore and not Male or Columbo.
  • She would like to begin working as soon as possible (as any person who has spent the time to earn an advanced degree would) so she wants to apply to a variety of companies and post-docs.
  • I am still studying myself (finish fall 2021) and am not working however I am extremely comfortable financially despite this.

All of the research I have done up until this point has pointed to we either will have to get a CR1 or an IR1 visa. Is this correct? What of the above factors would affect the process and is there any way to use any of them to our advantage? Also is there any other visa pathway we haven't considered yet such as work, student, or if things go really south Asylum?

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