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RFE (Divorce waiver) Please, I need help.
10:41 pm yesterday


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Dear VJ Friends,

Please find enclosed my cover letter that I am preparing for my RFE that I received a few weeks ago. I am a May 2017 filer. I received my RFE on October 9th, 2018.

Any help is appreciated!!!
I do have a 5 months old daughter with my boyfriend. I am not sure if I should include copy of her birth certificate or passport?

Thank you for your help!!! ??


Link for more info regarding the RFE

November ..., 2018


Attn: I-751 RFE

P.O. Box 10590

Laguna, Niguel, CA 92607-0590

Re: RESPONSE TO REQUEST FOR EVIDENCE - I-751, I-797E, Notice of Action

Applicant: .......

Alien Number: .....

Receipt Number: .....

Dear Immigration Officer,

I am the applicant in the above referenced case. I am writing today in response to your Request for Evidence dated October 9th, 2018.

Some of the documents requested are not included in the package, an honest explanation is attached. For ease of review, pertinent information is highlighted in yellow. In response to your request, I have enclosed the following documents:

  • Personal statement from former spouse testifying shared residence (I was unable to legally sign the contract, I visited my former spouse on an ESTA Visa and had to return to Europe in order to finish our I-130 application, I will include this in my personal statement)
  • State Identification card showing same residence
  • Military identification card listing my former spouse as my sponsor
  • IRS Joint tax return transcript 2016
  • IRS Joint tax return transcript 2017
  • Copies of monthly bank statements of our joint checking and savings accounts, showing various financial co-mingling such as rent payments, car loan payments, insurance payments, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Letter from our bank SCU confirming our joint bank accounts
  • Letters from the Department of Defense showing us both covered under the same insurance plan begin and end date
  • Employment application showing my former spouse, former parents in law as references
  • Two affidavit letters attesting the bonafide nature of our marriage
  • Online shopping orders addressed to both of us and shipped to our shared residence
  • Vet documents of our pets showing both our names as owners
  • Hotel reservation receipt showing both our names
  • Copies of pictures of us together at various events with family and friends throughout the years
  • Personal statement
  • Explanation letter
  • Birth certificate of my daughter ...
  • U.S. Passport of my daughter ...
  • Copy of my new foreign passport

Copies of documents submitted are exact photocopies of unaltered documents and I understand that I may be required to submit original documents to an Immigration or Consular officer at a later date.

Thank you in advance for your careful consideration of this case and I respectfully request your favorable adjudication of my petition.


My name

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Brussels: Packet 4 lost?
4:43 pm yesterday


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Hello all,

Writing here to get some peace of mind and because I don't know what to do at this point. I received my Packet 3 on the 10th May with a checklist and instructions on how to fill out a DS-160. I was told I had to mail back the DS-160 confirmation page and a signed and completed checklist. It took me a while to get all the documents together, plus medical examination, so I send everything to Brussels almost a month later, on 6th June.

I made the mistake to check other people's timelines that went through Brussels as well and I saw that most people heard back from the embassy 7 to 10 calendar days after they had sent back their Packet 3. I still haven't heard anything from them and now I'm worried that either my envelope got lost on the way to them or that the appointment letter got lost somehow... I'm also worried I might have done something wrong or not completed things correctly. I emailed them with name, case number, etc. but have received no reply so far. I found a link though that allows me to register an appointment date to pay the fee, but obviously I can't do anything with that unless I receive the actual letter.

Is it extraordinary they haven't sent me anything yet? I'm just worried because my I-129f petition will expire in July, so I'm nervous about this taking so "long" in comparison to other people's applications. Has anyone that's gone through Brussels been in a similar situation? What do I do if I never receive this appointment letter? Hope someone can help. Maybe I'm just worrying too much... :clock::clock:

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Dodgy adverts on VJ.
11:06 am yesterday


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No, I don't want to "meet UAE singles", I am married.

Why are these ads allowed here? LOL

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