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Can one re-enter the country after loosing LPR status? How? JM,
3:44 am May 6, 2022



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Hi I was wondering what will happen if someone looses their LPR status as a result of leaving the country (USA ) for a long period (more than 6 months) ?

How much trouble will they be in?

And what ways can she re enter the country (USA) if they are interested in coming back again?

And main questions can they just apply for the B1 B2 tourist visa to re enter the country?

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Maximum months
12:20 pm March 26, 2021



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What is the maximum months can US green card holder can stay outside they country without jeopardizing their green card

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Outside county during COVID-19 CRISIS
4:36 am March 25, 2021



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Hi I have a question, since now it s pandemic are green card holders (New York residents in this case) are they still supposed to be outside the United State only minimum of 6 months? What if the exceed 6 months?

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Canít hit submitt
12:01 am March 8, 2020



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Hi I m working with NVC. I am having hard time submitting the documents, it states that they are uploaded and some are accepted but why am I having hard time submitting them? When I hit the submit it don t do anything.

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Re-entry on B1/B2
12:47 am November 29, 2019



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My mother is currently in the US on a tourist visa, she has been here for 2.5 months. She has to go back home to take care of some things then return after abt a month. Will she have any problems when she tries to re-enter? She ll be staying for 2 more months.

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