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Please donít be to mean :(
12:03 pm May 10, 2018



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So I met my boyfriend year 2016 of November. He was from Korea and he extended his stay up to this date as illegal. We don t know what to do. I m thinking to have him go back home as his own will and petition him as my fianc ? I m scared that he might not allowed to come back because of our president here in America... we don t know what to do.... we love each other very much..

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New to all of this, please help
9:23 am February 13, 2017



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Hi, i just married my Korean boyfriend..we never been married before, no criminal records..we are obviously in South Korea..I know i need to file form I-130, and also a 325A for us both, but anything else? Do i need to file form I-864 or wait until that is requested and just submit I-130 and 325A for us both first???

Also, i have the marriage certificate, but since our living situation is unique..my work provides for it here and we have separate bank accounts, other than pictures and maybe an affidavit from my parents is there any other way to show we are married..i would think the marriage certificate is enough???


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K1 Visa Interview in Seoul
10:38 pm October 7, 2016



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Hey everyone, so recently my fiance and I got all of our paperwork done to go to the interview in Seoul for his K1 Visa. However, when we called they told him that the next available interview date would be at the end of December... which is cutting it really close for our wedding that we've set here in the states! Plus, on the website it says that the interview should be around 2 weeks to one month of requesting it... but it's nearly 3 months away...!!!! is this possible???? and... if it is....is there any way to speed up the process of getting an interview on an earlier date???? Does anyone know if there is a difference between the online system to register for an interview or if it's the same as doing it over the phone??? Any and all advice would be helpful...

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Got two denial papers at the interview.one is i601.
6:50 pm May 16, 2016



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My friend got two denial papers at consulate.

one is request 601 waiver under 212(a)6 ,the other is return his case to uscis under 204 .

Dose anyone have a clue why CO issued two self contradicted papers.since there is no waiver under the 204c?(alleged fraud marriage).

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applying n400 and tax related it
9:30 pm April 28, 2016


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hello, i got my green card back in june 2013 and i am ready to apply for citizenship

couple question i am really concern

which tax related it

i did file the tax every year and got couple return

what i am concern is my husband business

he has tax debt from state and it was on payment plan and almost done and left about $5000

and irs with payroll tax about $70k and which it has to be adjust due to CPA file wrong tax on our but still on processing

what i really worried is

does it make different if we have tax debt ?

his business is no longer available

out of business

do i need to hire lawyer to process this ? or i can do it my own ?

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