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US Immigration from Ivory Coast

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8:20 pm October 4, 2019

Lyn and andy

Lyn and andy

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Hi everyone, my husband and I are about to file for AOS. I m the USC petitioner and I have two children that have been on Medicaid for a long time . They were born here and are USC also. My fianc is their father, but did not sign their birth certificate therefore does not have his name on their birth certificate.I got pregnant each time I visited him outside united state and came back to give birth here.
question: will this cause denied AOS for him?

how Should we go about this?

we were planning to add his name on their birth certificate, will this be in our advantage ?
please help.

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Travel consent letter for child of a K1 visa Holder
8:40 pm July 6, 2019



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Hi everyone,

I thank God we are finally issued and thanks for every visajourney members for your advice.

I will be travelling with my son 3 years old and already a US citizen with his passport and CRBA, do i have to get a travel consent letter from his father to travel with him?

I don't know if i have to get other documents as well for him that will be needed at the POE, i remember saying i will be traveling with him while filling up my DS 160.

I will apreciate your help.


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How long to wait for interview
9:14 pm July 3, 2019

Gemini girl

Gemini girl

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Hi folks, I m a new member and so happy to have found you all. Question: how

long will the interview take to be scheduled in Abidjan???

NVC Validated all our documents on June 19, 2019. Every time I call the NVC to

ask how long, they tell

me there is no timeline and to be patient. I m on vacation now and want to go see hubby in Morocco but

am scared they will call him for his interview back in Abidjan. Then what???

Thanks for any feedback.


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Any Feedback with Royal Air Maroc
6:19 pm June 29, 2019



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Hi everyone,

Does anyone travel to New York with Royal Air Maroc Airlines and what was the experience?

I have heard that lot of people get their luggages lost?

Please advice,thanks.

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Must CR-2 visa holders reach POE with the CR-1?
8:05 am May 11, 2019



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Hello VJ, I'm the petitioner for my wife and 2 stepsons, applied for as a family, and everyone received their visas this week.

Now, we're working on our travel plans to the US, and can't find a clear answer to this question - can mom and I travel to the US first, and the kids follow a few weeks later?

We're all together in now in one country, but the kids will go visit their dad & grandparents in second country once school lets out. Meanwhile they're on vacation, mom and I both finish our work and our home needs to be vacated. So, Mom and I would like to move to US while the kids are still on vacation, and the kids join us 2 weeks later directly from their vacation. (The alternative is that Mom and I find a place to squat and twiddle our thumbs waiting here for the boys to get back so we all can fly together)

So: Can the CR-2 visa holders enter together, as long as its AFTER the CR-1 has already entered?

Also, I don't think this will make any difference to the question, but just in case: we just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, so the CR visas will be IR visas.

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