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Dv 2023
7:40 pm May 11, 2022



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Quick question about the dv lottery. A friend of mine just got selected. He is in Africa and when he applied initially, he was just married traditionally and has a kid with his wife. They live together and everything but they are just traditionally married. I m not sure if our traditional and religious marriages are recognize by US law but now that he is selected, he will get legally married but the date that will show on the certificate of marriage will be way after his initial application where he did say he was married.
Need advice please

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AOS Biometrics and ITIN (tax number)
2:07 am April 26, 2022


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Hello everyone,

1) Our case was sent to the Tucson, AZ UCIS office on April 13th, 2022 and it was received (all three docs) April 15th, 2022. We sent the I-485 application to register permanent resident or adjust status, I-765 employment authorization, and I-131 travel document all to the same location (Tucson, AZ). When I check the processing times for the I-485 on the USCIS website, the Field Office or Service Center will list Tucson, AZ as one of the options. But when I select any of the other forms we submitted, the drop down menu for Field Office or Service Center does not list Tucson, AZ. So my question is, will the other forms be sent to the other near by offices or will they be processed in Tucson? If they will be processed in Tucson, how could I find the specific processing times for Tucson and that form? For our relationship, my husband is the beneficiary and he is really antsy to work, plus we really need the second income. So I am mainly asking to get an idea of when they would process his work permit (I-765).

2) On another note, when I check the status of our I-485, it says "On April 22, 2022, we scheduled you for a biometrics appointment and sent you an appointment notice for Receipt Number xxxxxxxxxx (Edit made by user). Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your appointment notice by May 22, 2022, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address." My question is: is there a hack to know whey they scheduled it? Or do we just have to wait for the mail?

Thank you in advance!

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Fiancee Visa or Should I ust get married?
2:11 am April 18, 2022



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Hello everyone,

I filed a fiancee visa application I-129 F a dfew month ago, 8 months ago to be precise because I thought back then that it will take 6 months to get a approval. But now 8 months later, it doesn't seem like we will be getting an answer anytime soon. I'm currently planning a trip to spend some times with my fiancee and I was wondering if I should just get married while there and file an I-130 or should we wait for the fiancee visa to go through?


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Should I Complete my son's NVC Case ?
3:46 am February 21, 2022



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I would like to share my experience and have some advice from you in order to take the good decision for my family.
Indeed, I sent two petitions to USCIS (My Son and My Wife).
Those both petitions were approved by USCIS and after that NVC created two cases numbers (One for My son and My Wife).
I dropped my son case from NVC, I didn't continue my son's process because in my wife's case my son is dependent, and my Wife is principal. my wife's case at NVC was Documentarily Qualified
after submitting all required documents. We waited until the NVC scheduled us with our embassy.
My Wife and my Son went to the US embassy for their interview Unfortunately consular agent did not valid their visa because she told to my Wife, I (Your husband) had not declared her son when I(He) won the DV lottery. she gave a white slip 221g to my wife.
Consular agent told my wife, she has to send back the case to the USCIS for Review.
That True, I played the DV without add my son and I could not add him at the process at risk to disqualified me.
NB: My Wife and I it's our child.
One thing that I think, should I complete my son's NVC Processus to get one chance?

Our advice is very Welcome.

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Expired passport can i apply for I751
2:04 am January 25, 2022



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Hello everyone,

My passport is expired and i will be applying soon for the petition to remove conditions on my residence. Do i have to necessary renew the passport to apply for form I751?

Your advice will be much appreciated.


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