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tier 1
6:32 am March 8, 2018



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Good evening everyone,

Do they not train tier 1 or something? How can some people who don't listen or make wrong assumptions work in customer service? Do they just want to be yelled at?

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From Tourist to R-1 Working Visa
10:31 am January 25, 2018



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I'm trying to apply for the R-1 visa and the church that I affiliate with have agreed to provide the essential documents to get me going.

The problem I have is that the church isn't familiar with what to do. The last Pastor who did have experience with this application is no longer here due to his medical conditions. The beneficiary at the time, my grandfather, has passed away a few years ago and my grandmother didn't have information on how it was done.

I need advice. Please. I have limited time here in the US.

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12:28 pm November 6, 2017



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Please help

I'm self employed and the sole sponsor for my spouse.

Which form should I fill i864EZ or i864???

The official form i864 had an expiry date of3/31/2017 Would that matter cause I couldn't find any other updated version.

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F-1 Submission
3:27 am September 20, 2017



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I have a desperate question that kinda needs a quick answer. I need an advice weather I should submit my F1 application to USCIS even if my B2 Visa expires in exactly 2 weeks time or should I just leave and Submit it back at my home country. I have all the required documents ready for submission. If I do sumbmit, can I leave or do i have to wait for the receipt? For me personally leaving and come back is kinda costly so I hope you would understand where I'm coming from.

P.S. I have not submitted yet due to some issues and also i have set up an appointment with the nearest immigration office to go submit there. Would they be able to process it? Can they? Or is it better by mail?

I would really appreciate your opinions.

Kind Regards,


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Scan may 12 2017
2:56 pm July 13, 2017



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So I called earlier in the morning today before when I use to call they use to say it's normal waiting period but today the said it's in review department she told me call back in the afternoon or tomorrow morning to find out

keeping my fingers crossed they don't ask for more information or missing information

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