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  1. Hey guys I have a question. After port of entry will I get social security card mailed to me or will I have to go to local office to apply for it. I choose to get it mailed to me on DS260
  2. Hey guys I have a question. Once NVC schudules the appointment and send the email with interview details do we have to call the nvc to confirm the appointment time and date.
  3. Finally after a long wait got the good news that all my documents got DQ. Onto the next step. Thank you everyone and wish you all the best of luck.
  4. Good morning guys. Anyone here who submitted docs around Nov 1st or late October and waiting for DQ?
  5. I submitted my documents on Nov 1, still waiting for a response from them. I'm thinking to believe its would be next week since there was Thanksgiving break and couple of snow days that could make it to 7 weeks instead of 6 weeks. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying that I get DQ from them by the end of this week!
  6. You will have to merge the w2 together and make it into one pdf file
  7. They accepted all my documents and needed me to submit full tax transcript because I just uploaded tax account transcript which is just one page summary of tax documents
  8. I to resubmitted my tax transcript on Nov 1 and haven't heard anything from them. All they say when I call is that the documents are in cue to be reviewed.
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