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DIJABOUTI Adminstrative processing
8:35 am February 6, 2018

Hashem Abdullah

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Salaam Everyone

I have created this topic so we all may benefit from it.

My friend recently got an appointment at DIJABOUTI for his I-130 petition for Alien relative. In other words he got an appointment for his wife. He traveled to Dijabouti and did his appointment but was not issued the visa. He spent over 4 months in Dijabouti awaiting his visa. His petition was under ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING and still is. My question is what s going on with the travel Ban? How long will his case be under administrative processing? Dijabouti is costly for the average Yemenie and many yemenies are suffering trying to bring their family members into the United States. Is there a lawyer or an immigration specialist out there who can help? Are there people out there of yemenie decent with the same issue? What can we do? Help help help!

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Message from Djibouti consulate
6:38 pm December 28, 2017


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So I email the Djibouti consulate for a waiver for my husband and got this email.

We recognize your family s concerns, but we need all Yemeni and Somali visa applicants to be treated identically on this matter. As such, you ll need to wait for final resolution of this issue in the U.S. Supreme Court. If you wish to immediately leave Djibouti with your family, we can arrange for ( husbands name) to pick up his passport and 212(f) refusal letter next Tuesday or Thursday. We will preserve his case file in Djibouti until we have court judgment/order. Please advise.

what do they mean by they will preserve the case file?

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A lot of Yemeni immigrant at Djibouti denied visas today
9:26 pm December 17, 2017


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So today I get a call from my spouse an am told that over 200 Yemeni immigrant that applied for a ir1 visa got denied. What s the reason for this. I m just really scared they might deny our visa. HELP!!

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Administrative processing time
2:37 am November 19, 2017


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So I had an appointment on 11/09/2017 to which when they approved my visa and took my passport. They didn t mention the administrative processing. They had updated my case last on the 15th does that mean ill be getting my visa soon.

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Hello Everyone
5:45 am November 3, 2017


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Hello everyone, i have question for those of you who had experience in visa processing, My husband had is Visa interview On October 12, but the conselor told him to bring further documents, he summited the following week, the case changed right away from Ap to Ready it stayed ready for couple days and Now it changed back to Ap again, So my question is how long would it take the case to issued after Ap??

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