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US Immigration from Cuba

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Delay after NOA2
11:46 pm


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NOA1 -01/10/18 NOA2 09/25/18

Today makes 6 weeks after NOA2 and no case number as of today. I was able to officially open a research request with NVC today. I also got an email from uscis stating my case was transferred to NVC on 10/31/18 and when I called today the officer said he didn t see anywhere in his system where it has transferred. I also opened a congressional inquiry today. Now I know each case is different but so many cases with NOA2 dates after mine have received their case number and even an interview date. My question is has this happened to you? And would be a possible reason for delay?

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Cubans Guyana Interview
12:25 pm


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Good Morning

Just sharing my experience. My husband already had his interview in Guyana on September. I know you may have many questions however everything was good. If you follow all the steps that you receive from NVC on the interview's letter you will be fine. About Guyana, we went to a hotel, you should be prepared, everything you will need is expensive (Food and hotel ) transportation is not expensive. We went to a hotel that I booked online. People are nice they do not speak a lot you will need to approach them if you need something. The food is veryyyyy spicy you need to make sure that you order everything ( Original ) and not spicy. The taxis are cheap you can ask the hotel front desk to arrange them for you at any time needed. We got the food from a hostal ( Cuban people who sale food ). You need to buy bottles of water because it is not potable. Before landing fill a immigration form for each person who is traveling even if you are a family, they do not accept immigration form per family, it should be filled personally even if you travel with children which I found really weird because children had to sign them. An important advise for the medical exam is to be there as earlier as possible the same for the interview, they do not follow the hours schedule for them, they attend people on the same order they reach the place. For the interview you will see a long line but you don't have to wait on this line, this line is for local people , just go with the officer in the entrance door and show her your interview letter and your passport. Last advise is that you should be relaxed, our interview was nice and most of the people there said that it was nice to them too , just answer clearly everything they ask for, they know you are nervous so you don't have to hide that lol . Good luck for everyone who is still waiting.

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Nebraska Service Center March 2018 Filers
11:53 pm

Layanis J

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Hey Everyone ,

Has anyone who filed in March 2018 at the Nebraska Service Center have received the NOA2 yet ? Just curious. I m March 15th.

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End of year Guyana interviews
8:38 pm

RC and JE

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Hi everyone. Someone in another forum just got an interview date in early January 2019. She said that was the first available date. Has anyone who is petitioning their fiance from Cuba through the Guyana embassy received an interview date lately? If so, what date did they give you? I'm wondering what happened to all of the November and December interview dates.

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i-134 question 11- US Citizen?
6:08 pm


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Hello All,

I am a US Citizen because my parents became US Citizens when I was a minor. I am from Portugal.

I currently have a valid and active US Passport, I know I am a US Citizen.

But I do not have a certificate of naturalization or citizenship.

How would I answer this Question 11 parts a-e?

This is for a K1 Visa Application, affidavit of support.

My idea would be to select 11b and put in my passport # but not sure.

Would appreciate any tips!

Thank you all.

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