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US Immigration from Cuba

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I-130 nebraska
9:46 pm yesterday

Lisbet Rodriguez

Lisbet Rodriguez

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Priority date : may 6, 2019 , case was transferred on feb 28, 2020 to texas service center , has anyone from my same pd been approved or had the same thing happened to their case , please let me know.

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CR-1 Nebraska office
11:13 pm April 2, 2020

Lisbet Rodriguez

Lisbet Rodriguez

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My priority date is may 6, 2019 , my case got transferred to a different office on feb 28 ,2020 , i never received the letter of the office that i was transferred to , i had to call uscis and they told me my case was transferred to Texas office , has this happen to anyone else , please let me know , I m still waiting for approval

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9:35 pm March 31, 2020

Lisbet Rodriguez

Lisbet Rodriguez

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I m Waiting for my i-130 approval , but i have a question I m a student and I m not working so I m wondering if that is going to cause me any problems , for the affidavit of support I m planning to have my parents help me as a sponsor or co-sponsors , if anyone that was in my same position has been through this please let me know how you did it . Thanks

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Help Filling Out Form with Cuban Address
2:43 am March 27, 2020


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Hello! I have been struggling to fill out the I-129F because I do not understand Cuban addresses at all.

If for example the address is:

Calle XX #XXXXX E/ Calle x y Calle x Reparto Magdalena Cotorro La Habana (this is how it appears on my fiance's ID)

Where does each section fill into on the form? Also, does Cuba have a postal code?

If anyone could help. Thank you!

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What are the steps after getting NVC case #
4:39 pm March 26, 2020


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I received the NVC case #, and they told me it was assigned on 03/18/20. not sure when it is sent out and they could not give me that information, but I told my fianc to do the DS-160 which is what I believe is part of the next step. but now im confused again, and im not sure if I read somewhere that If I had to do the DS-160 as well or is it just the beneficiary? also once we have that confirmation # what else if anything needs to be done to get an interview date?

Thank for your help.

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