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Cuban I-134 success story!
3:35 pm March 27, 2023


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I met my fianc e in 2017 when I randomly visited Cuba after changes President Obama made for US persons traveling to Cuba. I knew she was someone special right away from this chance meeting, however when I told her I was interested romantically she said, "Joel, I live in Cuba, you live in NY. It's ridiculous to think we could maintain a romance when we have spent so little time together. Please don't speak of this nonsense again, and accept that we will only ever be friends". So I accepted this even though I thought she was wrong, and over the next 4-5 years we had an online friendship only. We usually chatted once a month and liked each others social media, but nothing much more and I never believed it would be anything more than a friendship. In March 2021 during Covid, a spark happened and she realized that she had developed feelings for me. We started talking daily, and discussing how we could make this romance real. It took until September 2021 for me to finally get back to Cuba, and when I did I had to fly through Madrid Spain because travel to Cuba had been highly restricted by the Cuban Regime because of Covid. I spent September 2021 in Havana, and over the next 2 years I've traveled to Cuba 11 additional times; Additionally we both traveled to Trinidad & Tobago for a two week vacation. This was her first time leaving Cuba.

I filed for i-129f and received NOA1 on October 18th 2021. On January 6th 2023 I applied i-134a Humanitarian Parole. On February 10th 2023 we had our i-129f application approved by USCIS (NOA2) without receiving an RFE. On 3/24/2023 our i-134a application was confirmed, and she received Travel Authorization later that same day. I tried literally everything to get USCIS to take action on my application, however getting movement out of USCIS is impossible. Feel free to ask me questions about the i-134a humanitarian parole processes, and I'd be happy to share more about my details.

I've shared this before, however this is a short video I made last October that is a glimpse of our life. Finally after two years we are about to start our everyday life together ?

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Once K1 visa is issued
3:48 am March 7, 2023



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So my understanding is that once the k1 visa issued you get your passport back and along with a sealed envelope which is opened by border patrol on POE. Do you trust the embassy if they say that both the K1 and K2 documents are in the same sealed envelope instead of individually.

Only asking because since it cannot be opened you have no way to confirm ?

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POE Process and steps to follow.
1:21 am February 24, 2023



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Hello All,

God willing my fianc and her son will be coming to the USA next week and I have a few questions.

1. Upon entry since I will be flying back with them can I go through the visitor line after landing or do I have to go separately through the US citizen line?

2. Is there any kind of documentation that they will receive upon entry after turning in the famously seal yellow envelope?

3. I have also heard that the k1 beneficiary should apply for SSN atleast 3 days after entry before getting married.

Thanks in advance

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Refused Status After Interview
2:26 am February 11, 2023



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Hello All,

So my future wife and her son had their medical exam on 2/1 and their interview on 2/6. The interview went well they even told her she was approved but just needed to bring in her medical exam because it was not ready until 2/8.

The medical exam was turned in to the US embassy on 2/9 how long will it take for the status to change to issued?

Anyone have experience with this

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I-I30 vs I-134a
4:46 am February 5, 2023


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Hi All,

My wife was born in Holguin, Cuba and just became a US citizen. I am a natural born US Citizen. We both live in Louisville, KY and should more than enough to cover the financial sponsorship. But we arn't sure if we should file the I-130 or I-134a or Both? Her parents can wait the 10.5 months posted on USCIS for I-130 processing times. This will give them time to sell their house and belongings, they can also come as early as 90 days best case scenario of the I-134a.... but are I-130 interviews actually happening that fast in Havana for I-130 applicartions? Her parents are ready to leave and never come back Cuba. Seems like I-134a will process much faster but will cost more in the long run with additional forms. Im still trying to figure that out exactly.

Can anyone help who is fimilar with the I-130 and i-134a for Cubans?

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