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US Immigration from Cuba

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NVC Delays
3:14 am May 4, 2022



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Hello All,

I am feeling a bit frustrated and discourage with the process. I called NVC today and got an automated response stating that Immigrant and Non Immigrant visas were being processed due to COVID-19.

The frustration lies in the fact that my case has been at the NVC since august 2021 my fiance is in Cuba and yes i am aware that she must travel to Guyana for the interview and i am part of a few other support groups just for Cuban K1's and last month cases that were created by NVC from May 2021.

Is there anyone other K1's from other countries dealing with similar issues?


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"Your petition was terminated and purged from our records due to inactivity." Has anyone else gotten this message?
6:25 pm April 26, 2022

K-9 Visa

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My fiancee is getting her second jab as I write this. We had been scheduled for her K-1 visa interview on December 31, 2019 but her grandmother had a series of strokes and looked like she wouldn't live more than two weeks so we cancelled that appointment, intending to reschedule. Grandma didn't die and then COVID shut down everything. Now that my fiancee is getting vaccinated we requested a new interview appointment. The response was:

"We regret to inform that after almost two years of no activity on this petition, it was terminated and purged from our records. You will need to file a new petition for the beneficiary."

Has anyone gotten this message? What did you do? The only option I can think of, other than starting the petition process all over again, is to contact my congressperson. I expect that an immigration attorney would be a waste of money.

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Requesting a new venue or location for Consular interview
8:48 pm April 4, 2022

Ed del Valle

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Hello team thank you all for your help and effort, I did requested a immigrant visa for my Cuban wife and stepdaughter, finally we did received the notification for the date for the consular interview, i get theirs visa I-130 approve, as probably you know there is not working US embassy working in Cuba at this time and we suppose to flight to Georgetown Guyana for this event, my questions is how difficult is change the venue for the interview to other location instead of Guyana? we had find out flights are really hard to get to Guyana, and we will like to know is this is possible?

thank you

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Flights From Havana to Georgetown Guyana
8:25 pm February 20, 2022



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I need help getting a flight from HAV to GEO. Does anyone know what Airlines we could make a reservation with. I know that.

I know that American airlines have a flight but it stops in Miami on the way to Georgetown and I do not if we could take that flight. Any information would be greatly appreciated regarding travel.

Regards Marsha

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Visa appointment scheduled but no email with notification letter
2:33 am January 25, 2022

Jorge Enrique

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Today I received an email stating that my appointment date was already scheduled and that they sent me notification on January 4th, the thing is the following, I did receive an email from the embassy on January 4th but the email said that they would send me notification when appointment date was available, nothing else, no appointment letter, no nothing. Has anyone been through a situation like this, suggestions will be much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

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