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US Immigration from Cuba

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What to expect after NOA2
6:59 pm April 5, 2021



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Hello all,

I know that once i receive the NOA2 I'm sure I will get instructions on what is needed from me to continue the process. I was just hoping folks who have already completed the process could provide some insight on what the next steps are after the NOA2 and what was their experience. I'm just nervous and anxious at the same time I have not seen my fiance in over a year like many people on the forum so just want to be as knowledgeable as possible so that I don't do something that might prolong the process even more.


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K1 + K2
3:54 am March 4, 2021



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So I filed back in November of 2020 and I finally received a NOA1 last month via text message. Today I received the NOA1 in the mail in my application I added my fiance and her son as beneficiaries however in my NOA1 I only see my fianc s name as a beneficiary in the letter did I miss something?


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Tourist Visa while waiting for K1
4:31 pm March 3, 2021



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My fianc and I still have a while to go in the K1 process and I haven't seen her in exactly 1 year this week due to covid. I was thinking about seeing if we could get a tourist visa to visit Panama on a vacation. She obviously cannot come to USA yet so we have 2 options 1 is vacation in a country that does not require visa entry which we have done (Trinidad & Tobago) but their borders are currently closed. The second option is apply for a tourist visa for Panama and go on vacation if approved however I wanted to see if this would cause issues or if anyone has had any experience with this before.


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Do I need to provide an apostille certification? (merged)
1:09 am February 8, 2021


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I accidentally chose the answer for the "Is your fiance(e) related to you?" question as "N/A, beneficiary is my spouse." He is not! I've never been married and they are asking for me to provide a divorce decree! I feel like such an idiot ? What do I do? Please help me!

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I file income tax 1040 2019 status as single after married to
11:12 pm February 2, 2021

Ed del Valle

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Hello Forum, I'm a US citizen and I married a Cuban national in July 12/2019 in Cuba, I had filled a I-130 in both her behalf and our minor child as well, they both are approved my USCIS, the child at this point only waiting appointment for consular interview , my wife is waiting total review of send paperwork from the NVC side.

Here is my questions, submitting copies of last income tax 2019, requested with Affivait of Support, I had filled the 1040 as single status, at the time I thought was the right choice, as my wife never live in US to be able to got either a SS# or ITIN # for her as requested in 1040, now I'm NOT so sure, can somebody tell me about this or explain.

And if wrong a potential impact at the Consular interview?

Thank you.

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