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US Immigration from Cuba

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Help with Police Certificate Mexico
3:12 am June 5, 2024



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Hello Folks,

I'm in the processing of completing an administrative processing delay for my mother in law from Cuba. Specific to her case, she spent some time in Mexico which prompted a request for her Mexican police certificate. Per the guidelines from USCIS, the police certificate is available through this description: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Mexico.html. However, we're finding that the police certificate is not readily available through the processes described by the USCIS nor do the staff answering the phone from the USCIS guidelines seem aware of the police certificate process. They refer us to the online link (which is not in the guidelines and was rejected by USCIS) which is a newer online process for the federal police certificate. Has anyone been able to navigate this process recently? We've been assured of an approval outside of the police certificate so this is a heartbreaking step to be stuck on.


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i-485 - disagreeing documents, what would you do?
10:46 pm May 31, 2024


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We are filing my MIL from Cuba's I-485, and I noticed during the process that her birth city on her birth certificate does not much the birth city on her passport. Last year we filed a i-765 for her with the birth city being the one listed on her passport, and that application was approved. For the I-485 packet we were submitting both a copy of her birth certificate as well as her Cuban passport.

My thought it to keep her I-485 consistent with prior documentation (i-765 and i-134a) and list her birth city as the one on her passport. Technically though her birth city is the one listed on her birth certificate and this just wasn't caught previously when we applied for I-765 and I-134a because the birth certificate wasn't needed for those two applications. I think to fix this we would need to go through a massive hassle and get her passport corrected with the Cuban government and Cuban Embassy here in the US, which could take a very long time. My gut is telling me to just submit what we have and not worry about it because in the grand scheme of things, how important is a birth city??? everything else on these two documents match and is correct.


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i-485 family submission vs individual
9:44 pm May 16, 2024


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I am helping three Cubans with their AOS. They are adjusting from Cuban Humanitarian Parole via Cuban Adjustment Act and all three are related (mother, Father, son). I noticed on the i-485 application there is a checkmark that says "is this child/spouse applying with you?" This has caused me some confusion because I was planning on submitting three individual applications for them. Is there any reason why I should click yes or no in this box? Right now I am leaning towards making these three individual applications because I can't think of any real advantage to tying the applications together. thoughts?

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Sending I-693 after I-485
2:35 pm May 13, 2024


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I am making this post here because it seems like the best place for my question. My fianc e is from Cuba, and although we started down the K1 path, she arrived to the USA on Humanitarian Parole. She has been in the USA now for over a year and we applied for Adjustment of Status (I-485) under Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966. In my area there is a very limited number of USCIS civil servants, so we sent the initial I-485 packet without completing the Medical on 4/12/2024. Today we are finishing the I-693 medical and will have the sealed envelope today 5/13/2024. Our notice date for I-485 is 4/26/2024 and we do have an MSC receipt number for this Adjustment of Status.

Question - Should I send in this Sealed medical now or should I wait until we receive an RFE? If I send it in now, then where do I send it, and do I send it with a letter of some sort explaining what it is?

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Havana, Cuba VISA Interview Timing
10:30 pm April 11, 2024


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Hi all my wifes parents DS-260 immigrant visa application was just approved by the NVC. The NVC was actually suprisinfly very fast l, only took 3 weeks after USCIS approved the I-130.

Does anyone who the how long it takes the NVC to schedule the interview as well as the interview wait time for Havana, Cuba? Her parents are ready to leave now!

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