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CEAE, paid status changed to N/A.
6:37 am April 28, 2015


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I logged in the consular electronic application center website and found that the paid status under the affidavit of support fee has changed to N/A and where under IV fee,the status remains paid. What is the meaning of all this? I paid all required fees. I'm really confused!

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checklist for form i-864 & i-864A
9:41 am March 28, 2015


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i got a the following checklist from NVC.

*Page 3*
A review of the I-864, I-864EZ, I-864W or I-864A
(if applicable) Affidavit
of Support form and
supporting documents that you submitted has
revealed that you have provided
incomplete information in
your response or you have not responded to
some questions.
Please pay specific attention to the questions
marked in the attached
I-864/A checklist. You will need to
complete and submit a new form with the
changes noted on the attached
You will need to follow the instructions for the
Affidavit of Support
(I-864) that are posted on the
Department of State website at the following
www.ImmigrantVisas.state.gov . From there, you
can fill out a new form
online, print the new
completed form and mail it to NVC. If you are
the Petitioner, please read
all instructions and complete
the correct form to submit to NVC. An Affidavit
of Support form is required
to be submitted from the
Petitioner on each case regardless of his/her
income level.
NVC will hold this case until you send us these
needed items. When you
return the documents to NVC,
please make sure that the documents submitted
are in the correct order and
stapled together, as stated in
the I-864 Important Notice instructions.
When responding to the National Visa Center,
please include the bar code
sheet that came with this
letter. Failure to include the bar code sheet may
cause a delay in the
processing of your case. The bar
code sheet should be placed on top of all
documents being submitted for
this case and mailed to the
address provided.
*Page 4*
YYYYYYY, YYYYYYYY Form I-864, Affidavit of
Support, & Financial Evidence
Please review the instructions below then refer
to the final page of this
checklist for mailing
*[x] I-864, Affidavit of Support Checklist*
The Affidavit of Support is an important legal
contract between you and the
U.S. government. During our review,
we identified one or more sections that were
either incomplete or contained
incorrect information. Please review the
additional instructions below then complete and
submit a *new *Affidavit of
Support. You can download the I-864 form and
instructions at *http://www.uscis.gov/i-864
< http://www.uscis.gov/i-864>.*
*[x] In Part 6. Sponsor's Income and
Employment, please correct the
*Items 13.a.1. *The income you enter must
match the total (gross) income
reported on your most recent Federal
income tax return. If you filed Form 1040EZ, use
the adjusted gross income
*Page 5*
*YYYYYYY, YYYYYY Form I-864A, Contract
Between Sponsor and Household*
*Member & Financial Evidence Checklist*
*Please review the instructions below then refer
to the final page of this
checklist for*
*mailing instructions. *
*[ ] Hidden line.*
*[x] I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and
Household Member, Checklist*
*We found one or more sections that had either
incomplete or incorrect
information. Please read the*
*instructions below then complete and submit a
new form. You can download a
new Form I-864A and instructions at*
* uscis.gov/i-864a < http://uscis.gov/i-864a>.*
*[x] In Part I. Information on the Household
Member (You), please correct
the following...*
[x] *Item 11. Your ___2013_________ income must
match the total income
reported on your Federal income tax*
*returns. If you filed Form 1040EZ, use the
adjusted gross income instead.*
[VC1 03/27/2015]


I need your help to understand this.

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help please ! about affidavit of support form
8:41 pm January 26, 2015


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Could you please explain me about affidavit of supporting form ? I am not really sure :(

How much money do supporter need to have ? they count as monthly income or yearly income ? Please anyone ?

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Waiting for interview schedule
4:49 pm January 25, 2015


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Hello anyone know how long do I have to wait for my interview schedule ? I got an email from NVC on 16 jan, 2014 that my case has been receive and waiting the interview schedule. but I am still waiting for their notified :( I am from Cambodia

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US visa k-3 interview
9:44 am January 25, 2015


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Hello I am from Cambodia I have a question to ask about the interview processing . Me and my husband registered the marriage certification but we didn't celebrate any wedding party .and 6 months later we decide to celebrate our wedding ceremony since he had vocation from his work ( military ) and I graduated from college . What if the consular officer ask me when did u guys get married ? Should I tell them the day that We registered our marriage certification is our wedding day? Since I already put that day in the form paper. Or should I tell them that the day that we celebrate our wedding ceremony is our wedding day ? Omg I am still confusing T.T

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