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  1. Hi all, My wife will be going for her medical exam coming week, she does not have Immunization Record. My question now is will the physician just give her the shot that is required or how does work.
  2. Hi all, Need same advice, my wife got her police certificate but there is errors and to change that will take at least 2-3 weeks. So place of her current residence is not on what’s on the police certificate, so does not match the address on her visa application. What’s on the police certificate is place where she was born but doesn’t current resident there but her parents do. Will the NVC accept the document and would this cause problem when she goes to interview. Thank you for taking your time.
  3. Hi all, Thank you for taking your time. My wife uploaded her birth certificate and police which got rejected was told to replace with acceptable document. Does any one here from Rwanda or anybody else know how we can get the correct document they are asking for. Thanks, said
  4. Thank you for quick reply. In her home country in each document they use three different language English, French and native language. Just have second though if I actually do need to translate her birth certificate and police certificate since it’s write in three different language. What do you think.
  5. Hi all, Sorry if this this question has been asked before. So my wife and I are at NVC stage upload civil document. I have two questions 1)Can we use the same marriage certificate with same translation that was done when we were submitting our application I-130. 2) We have to upload her birth certificate and police certificate/ clearance can the translation be any where (for example if she send me the document can it be translated here in U.S or has to be translated in her home country. Thank you for taking your time responding.
  6. Thank you. Hopefully you will get approval soon to wish you good luck.
  7. Yes I send my application December 2018 and received approval around April 28/2019.case send to NVC May 9. And service center is Nebraska
  8. Have not complete my case yet. I just got approved ,so I think took 4 month.
  9. I send my application on 12/05/2018. I received letter in 04/28/2018.
  10. Yes correct. @missileman my wife and I knew each other child hood , we kept contact and we fall in love and our parent arranged marriage for us. And I went to her home county got married which was first time seeing her again after 21 years but we were still talking to each other for 1 years before I asked to marry me . My question is should go visit her again before her interview with US Embassy.
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