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Help with submitting RFE online.
10:26 am January 19, 2022



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Might be a silly question but we just wanna make sure we re doing everything right, we re trying to respond to an rfe online. Basically, once we upload the files, we are required to select a category of those files, which is either employment documentation, identification, proof of residence, USCIS correspondence and other supporting documents. We re thinking it s the last one but just wanna be 100% sure.


ps: RFE was in regards with our I-864.

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Just some questions (I864)
8:36 pm November 12, 2021



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Hi everyone, my wife and I filed i130 in July of this year and we initially wanted to just do consular processing, but an emergency happened and we decided to adjust status while she is here visiting the states, she s on ESTA at the moment. We are trying to file the AOS so I have a few questions,

1) Would this application be considered as concurrently filed? Seeing as we filed i130 months ago.
2) I could not file my taxes in 2019 because someone made a mistake with my ssn and applied me as a dependent and so I was barred from filing taxes, tried to rectify the situation but could even see who filed me as a dependent. I have filed taxes diligently the other years tho, should this be a problem?

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My embassy does not process i130.
5:11 pm July 22, 2021



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I m from Brunei and the US consulate here does not process any immigration visas. It s a very very small country. Anyways, my husband filed the i130 online already and we have listed Singapore as the US consulate to process our visa. I just wanna know if anyone here has any experience with having a US consulate from a different country process your visa. I m just worried, with covid and everything, I just want to be prepared.

Not particularly worried about Singapore as a whole or even the US consulate there but rather the traveling part. Would I be required to stay for so long there? Would they give me ample time to prepare for the trip? It s covid and thus it s not as easy as buying a ticket and hopping on a plane anymore unfortunately.

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