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hi everyone,,,,,here's my experience last august 28,2008,,we got to the airport at 4pm with my fiance and our son.our flight was 7:30pm...we got straight to hawaiian airlines check in counter..we have 4 big luggages bags,2 balikbayan boxes..3 hand carried bags...the lady told me i have to pay my travel tax...only me...then we proceed to immigration,,,they ask for my son exit permit,,

our flight to honolulu took 10hours....we got here exactly 11:30am....5:30am there in the phils.i didnt sleep on the plane ..(grabe iyak parin me..my son cannot sleep too.

when we reached in honolulu airport..we go straight to counter 8,,,,they took my packet and our passports..then the immigration officer told us,,i have to wait for awhile... soon we can go.,she instructed us to get married within 90days..and dont leave the country...for honeymoon lol....then they called me for my finger scanning,,and they keep my xray film....i put my xray film in the tube.but before i passed it to them ..i put it back on the envelope...wow it so easy here...no more questions....from honolulu to maui it took only 20mins. by plane......finally after 3yrs of waiting we are here...THANK YOU GOD.......

iyak ako ng iyak non paalis ako baha na nga ng luha lol.. ...grabe sa bahay palang ..yakap yakap ko mother ko ngawa talaga ako then father ko..lahat sila umiiyak kasi grabe iyak ko.naawa na fiance ko sa akin .habang nasa car kami iyak parin ako .hay grabe experience ..but now im ok na.nalampasan ko na..IM REALLY ,REALLY HAPPY na...ng dumating kami dito lahat ng relatives ng fiance ko naghihintay na pala sa amin..binigyan nila kami ng welcome party and happy sila kasi finally andito na kami,,,,

the weather is good here...all i can say is wow,,,very nice place talaga....ipinasyal agad me ng fiance kasi nakita nya kung gaano ako nalungkot ng umalis kami jan.......my fiance brought me to the philippine store here..so plenty phil stores here...and we went to place called little manila here..lahat ng pinoy dito don nakatira,,,and wow may tanim sila malunggay ,papaya.kamote.jus like im in the philippines...when i got to the store today nakita ko may tinda sila walis tingting and tambo hahahah..may dried fish,tinapa,daing and all fresh bangus ,,galunggong and tulingan ,hipon lahat meron ....marami sila tindang lutong ulam parang karinderya lol,,wow di ako mabobored dito..2days palang ako dito..but i really like it here na lol...and also we got to the beach today....para akong nasa boracay...golden brown lang ang sand dito....im so happy..kasi ang saya saya ng anak ko at fiance ko bonding sila sa beach playing together..im just looking at them..nanaginip ba ako..totoo ba to..di ko alam na ang ganda pala dito .binigyan me ng fiance ko ng maui map guide ko here so that i can drive around with my son pag nasa work sya.para di ako mabored.pd lang me drive 90days gamit phil.license..after that take test na me for license here...............thank you so much to my vj family sa support nyo..for those who still waiting .keep faith..i praying for you guys..GODBLESS everyone.....




November 04,2008-Sent AOS package

November 17,2008-NOA date

November 21,2008-recieved NOA hard copy by mail

November 24,2008-Biometrics appt.letter recieved by mail (December 17,2008 -Biometrics Appt.)

November 26,2008- AOS touched (got emailed from CRIS)RFE on AOS

December 09,2008-RFE sent

January 8,2009 -AP approved

January 9,2009-EAD approved(status card production ordered)

January 15,2009- AP in the mailbox

February 14,2009 - EAD card in the mailbox..THANKS GOD..finally...

March 5,2009 - INTERVIEW AOS ( 1:30PM)

April 13,2009-welcome letter in the mailbox....

April 17,2009-GC recieved..Thank u LORD...


Sept.20,2007-sent papers to embassy

Jan.4,2008- USEMBASSY recieved the DNA test result"""'"acquired U.S citizenship"

Jan.15,2008-recieved my son U.S passport and certificate(delivered by fedex


Dec. 14,2007-sent pet.CSC

MAY 1,2008---NOA2 in email(THANKS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

July 7,2008-INTERVIEW

August 28,2008-FLIGHT(POE-HONOLULU,HAWAII)with my fiance and our son..THANK U GOD....

Sept,24,2008-got married


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Hello ann! glad u arrived safe, buti ka pa kasama mo pala fiance' mo...can't imagine myself bringing my girls alone..waaaaaaa..

Your story was sad at first, nalungkot ako..but on the later part 'twas kinda funny about the walis tingting and tambo..napagusapan na kasi namin yan ng fiance' ko, hahaha.Tanong ko lang, what do they use to clean the garden? hahaha, nahalata tuloy ang pagka eng-eng ko.LOL.

Best regards.... ingat permi sis!

Our Medical Experience

K1/K2 Interview Experience



09/11/09 *** Mailed to Chicago Lockbox

09/12/09 *** Received/signed by R.Mercado

09/17/09 *** NOA1 (AOS/EAD/AP)

09/21/09 *** NOA1 Hardcopy received (AOS/EAD/AP)

09/24/09 *** Biometrics Appointment Letter Rcvd 10/19, 11am

09/29/09 *** Appt. to correct typographic name error (referred for biometrics..done)

10/06/09 *** RFE: Form 1040 of recent tax yr

10/20/09 *** Processing resumed

10/21/09 *** Touched (AOS/EAD/AP)

10/22/09 *** Touched (AOS/EAD/AP)

10/27/09 *** Transferred to CSC (AOS)

10/28/09 *** Touched(AOS)

10/29/09 *** Notices sent: EAD card production, AP approved

10/30/09 *** Touched (EAD/AP)

11/02/09 *** Touched (AOS: processing resumes at CSC)

11/02/09 *** Touched (AP)

11/03/09 *** Touched (AP)

11/04/09 *** AP approval letter received

11/03/09 *** Card production (EAD)

11/04/09 *** Touched (AOS)

11/05/09 *** Touched (EAD)

11/06/09 *** Touched (AOS)

11/07/09 *** EAD Card received

12/07/09 *** Welcome Notice mailed

12/08/09 *** Card production (AOS)

12/10/09 *** Approval notice mailed

12/12/09 *** GREEN CARD received

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hi anne!

WOw and Congrats!!!! Finally happy together na kayo!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:

Glad that you arrived safe sa Hawaii...tnx for sharing!

Stay happy and take care!

God BLess!

01/22/08 hired an immigration lawyer

02/28/08 I 129F sent it to the lawyer

03/03/08 I-129F Received at CSC

03/04/08 NOA1

03/05/08 Touched

07/14/08 NOA2

07/24/08 Called NVC and got our MNL case number

07/25/08 NOA2 Hard copy received

07/29/08 USEM Rcvd hard file

07/30/08 Paid document verification

08/01/08 Called USEM for interview appointment! (Thank you lord)

08/19/08 Medical Examination

08/20/08 Medical Examination (PASSED)

08/26/08 Interview (PINK Slip only)

10/08/08 Visa Printing! Yehheeyy! (after 48years of waiting)

10/09/08 Visa Printing Done and is ready for release

10/10/08 Visa delivered yippeee!


11/03/08 Got married in Las Vegas

11/15/08 filed SSN

11/29/08 SSN Card Rcvd


12/10/08 send AOS & EAD Packet to Chicago Lockbox

12/18/08 Cashed check

12/26/08 Rcvd NOA

01/07/09 Biometrics Appointment/Done

01/12/09 Rcvd mail TRANSFER NOTICE TO CSC (AOS)

03/10/2009 Rcvd EAD

04/20/2009 GREEN CARD RCVD!!! No interview at all!

04/21/2009 Got Driver Learners Permit

The Will of God never takes you to

where the Grace of God will not protect you.


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Pina iyak mo ako sa POE story mo he hehehe...but im really happy for u,finally buo na family mo and enjoy to ur new world he hehehe,take ur time na i explore ur place....ako may dala akong tambo at tingting,sabi roxy wag na nga daw akong magdala kasi may phil store din daw na malapit sa amin..okidoki,,i know ur bc preparing for ur wedding bells na hi hi hi,,ang saya at sarap ng feelings pag kumpleto ang family wat can u ask for...!!!!hayyyyyy...malapit na din ako....at excited na ako ma meet si roxy_trey!!!!

God bless,


Prayer is the best to start a day...A day for us to have faith to face trials & value what life is....!!! have a nice day to everyone!!!!


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Ur so sweet and nice person...touch ako ng sabihin mo na wag na akong dala ng tambo at tingting kasi padalhan mo na lang ako..Thank you so much gurl...u really have a big heart!!!!

God bless,


Prayer is the best to start a day...A day for us to have faith to face trials & value what life is....!!! have a nice day to everyone!!!!


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hi te ann,

waaa nakakaiyak ung story mo sa umpisa :crying: feeling ko ganyan din mangyaari sa akin soon :( pero i am glad na paramng pinas din pala jan at least hindi ka mashado homesick db? :D thanks for sharing me this, it made me remember to bring tabo :D hehe enjoy your life there :):star:

Edited by o0pink0o

My son named Zac

"My son's smile makes my day complete"



MY K3 TIMELINE purple4.gifVid of how I prepared my interview documents purple.gifPapers that I brought on my USEM interview


06.17.2010 - submitted our papers

06.19.2010 - papers arrived at Chicago lockbox

06.24.2010 - Check cashed

06.28.2010 - NOA1 Hardcopy received (9 days from the day they got our papers)

07.05.2010 - Received Biometrics Schedule (July 26)

08.05.2010 - Biometrics done! (had to re-schedule from 7/26 to 8/5)

08.13.2010 - Got my interview letter

08.20.2010 - EAD card on production

09.06.2010 - Got my EAD Card (62 days)

09.07.2010 - Applied for SSN

09.14.2010 - SSN Card received

09.16.2010 - Interview schedule (APPROVED)

09.20.2010 - Welcome Notice Received ("Welcome to the USA")

09.25.2010 - 10 yr Green Card received! (98 days)

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:thumbs: Welcome to America! Ann :thumbs: God bless more to you and your family! (F)(F)(F)

07-13-06 - K1/K2 AOS/EAD sent

11-04-06 - 2 NOA's transfer to CSC

11-17-06 - "K1 APPROVED AOS" no interview

11-27-06 - "K1 - GREENCARD" rcvd.

01-23-07 - K2 GREENCARD rcvd.

08-20-08 - I-751 sent to Texas Service Center, transfer to VSC

08-26-08 - I-751 NOA1 & 1yr. Extension letter

09-18-08 - I-751 NOA2 - Biometrics Appointment Notice

03-11-09 - I-751 transfer from VSC to CSC!

05-13-09 - I-751 APPROVED

06-24-09 - card production ordered

08-20-09 - N400 - Citizenship Application

08-24-09 - NOA notice date

08-28-09 - NOA in mailbox

09-10-09 - email asking for more evidence

09-14-09 - Biometrics NOA date

09-18-09 - Biometrics Letter arrived in mailbox

10-09-09 - Biometrics Schedule

10-14-09 - Notice date of the yellow letter

10-30-09 - touched online for "testing & interview"

11-03-09 - IL received in mailbox

12-07-09 - "PASSED" Interview & it's my Hubby Bday too!

04-17-10 - Oath letter received in mailbox

05-14-10 - Judicial Oath atlast! in Atl

110 days - Application to Interview

158 days - Interview to Judicial Oath

268 days - Total processing days for my N400

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Hello Ann... Glad you arrived safely... Take Care and Be Safe.. God Bless! :thumbs:

I promise to love you in good times and in bad, with all I have to give and all that I am, in the only way I know how -- completely and forever......

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WElcome to USA ...

God is Great .. God is good... all the time..


12/13/2010- SEnt The packet

12/22/2010- The packet was returned due to missing page.

12/23/2010- Resend the packet with complete pages.

12/29/2010- Check cashed in

01/03/2010- Receive NOA

01/10/2011- Email from USCIS for the Required Evidence( Finger printing)

01/26/2011-Biometric Schedule

02/07/2011-USCIS online status update-

02/12/2011- Received Interview Letter Scheduled March 14

02/12/2011- Received Descheduled letter

02/17/2011- USCIS online Status update

02/22/2011-New IL arrived schedule for March 29

02/22/2011-Descheduled Letter Again ( 2nd Time)

02/23/2011- I called USCIS and I was told new schedule in the computer for March 22

02/23/2011-USCIS ONline update....

03/01/2011-Interview Letter for March 22 @ 7:15 AM

03/22/2011- Interview and Oath; US Citizen

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ann im happy for you...you deserve it.. :dance::dance:


N400 Timeline:

4/14/12- 3rd yr as PR

1/17/12- mailed packet

Biometrics-- waived

4/25/12- interview- passed & took my oath the same day!!-- US Citizen!!!

My N400 Journey took 3months & 8days!:)

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Hi Ate Ann,naiyak nman ako sau...parang ramdam ko na...Lol

Good to know that u like Hawaii.Good for u and ur son.

Best wishes to ur wedding soon.

N-400 Naturalization

04/25/2012 - sent N-400 package to USCIS Dallas

04/28/2012 - package delivered at USCIS Dallas

I-751 Removal of Condition

03/22/2011 - sent I-751 package to USCIS Vermont via USPS Priority+Certified mail with Return receipt

03/24/2011 - package delivered at VSC according to USPS tracking

03/25/2011 - package received by Center Director according to Return receipt

04/04/2011 - NOA received - dated 03/25/2011

04/11/2011 - Biometrics Appointment Notice received -notice date 04/08/2011

04/28/2011 - Biometrics Appointment - Done!

10/14/2011 - Card Production Email

10/17/2011 - Approval Notice received - dated 10/06/2011

11/04/2011 - 10yrs green card received

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Annnnn.... Beach tayo.. lol. reading your story, it's so nice that there is lil manila there. at least you won't miss Phil that much. except family of course. 90 days pala ang bisa ng Phil driving license mo. I know it depends sa state., at least sa Hawaii 90 days.

Enjoy life together!!!



02-15-2013-- Sent I-130

02-20-2013-- NOA

08-01-2013-- Change of Address

10-22-2013-- Transferred to Local USCIS Office

11-19-2013-- Requested for Expedite processing (R/T Typhoon Haiyan)

11-25-2013-- APPROVED!!! (after 4 business days!)

11-26-2013-- Shipped to NVC

12-18-2013-- Received by NVC

01-09-2014-- Request for Expedite Processing

01-10-2014-- Got NVC case number and Invoice ID Number

01-13-2014-- Expedite Processing Approved

01-17-2014-- Completed DS-261 (Choice of agent)

01-21-2014-- Pay AOS fee

01-23-2014-- AOS showing PAID

01-27-2014-- Pay IV fee

01-28-2014-- IV FEE PAID

01-29-2014-- submitted DS-260 online

01-29-2014-- Mailed AOS Packet and IV Supporting documents

02-03-2014-- AOS & IV packet received by NVC

02-26-2014-- RFE

02-27-2014-- Sent Corrected, Signed I-864

03-06-2014-- CASE COMPLETE!!! CASE forwarded to US Embassy-Manila, Philippines

04-04-2014-- Interview, 6:30AM @ Manila Embassy-Manila- APPROVED!!!


-- My Beautiful Foreignay--

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