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    Marcelo and I met while shooting pool at a local bar three years ago. When we met he didn't speak any english at all! Most of our conversations included hand gestures, google translator, or a spanish/english dictionary! Miguel was coming back and forth on a work visa so I got to see him 8 months out of the year. We moved in together and then planned on getting married in 2008 after he was supposed to return in March 2008 on another work visa. nfortunately, I didn't research anything about visas and I idn't find out after he left that he wouldn't be able to return on this visa because the "save the small business act" was expiring the month that he left (Nov 2007). So, I did the research to find out what I had to do and applied for the fiance visa and here I am...miserable without him and waiting waiting waiting! <Update> My baby is here, we are married, and life is good!

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  1. Wow that makes me SO happy! Here I was thinking I had to spend 1000.00 and I don't yeeeehaaaawwww! Thank you!!
  2. I am a US citizen and brought my stepson here on an IR2 Visa. He is over 21 but was under 21 when I originally submitted the application and so his age was frozen and he is still considered a child. When I brought my fiancé here, he had to adjust his status for 1000. In reading the website, it seems like my stepson will automatically get the green card and that I only have to pay "USCIS Immigration Fee." Am I reading this right? Do I not need to fill out a form I-485 ? Thanks!