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  1. Hi everyone, I and posting this for a friend, she is on her third n 400 interview because she failed the first two because her English is bad, anyway, she lives about 75 miles south of Houston and that is where she went for the first two interviews, for some reason they scheduled her third interview in Dallas, more than 350 miles away. Does anyone know why they would schedule her interview so far from home, when the Houston office is so much closer. Thanks in advance for your reply and help diep
  2. mylove_1959

    Help pls!

    Thanks Rlam so much. for helping. Have a good day.
  3. mylove_1959

    Help pls!

    Thanks G . So she would pay 725 $ again since she failed and another question pls , where can I find the USCIS online account number? I didn't help her last time and I don't know where to get it? Thanks for your help.
  4. mylove_1959

    Help pls!

    Hi everyone! I am helping my friend to apply the N 400 who failed for the interview twice and my question is does she need to pay the biometric fee again( 85 $ ) ? or just pay 640 $ only since she already paid for the biometric last time. Thanks for your help