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  1. He thinks he still gotta be with her to stay in the USA probably cos he has a conditional greencard or something
  2. Hey folks, i hope y'all are staying safe. Stay positive and keep hope alive the finish line is just a big step away. Hugs
  3. So for the,sake of "papers" you endured abuse and chose to be a,"slave"? The word slavery is a strong word that shouldnt belittled. Africans went through a lot during the slave era .so be careful how you loosely use that word I pray things turn out good for you
  4. Can a U.S. citizen petition for a sibling who has overstayed his visa in the country?
  5. I see green all over. That spreadsheet was my baby lol Hang tight folks, the end is near. It's ok to have usciS induced OCD , rant and cuss, give up for a few hrs or days. But you gotta keep hope alive and stay positive even in the face of frustration. I experienced all these, spent hours on this site, checked my uscis profile at least three times Every day no kidding, breakfast , lunch and dinner lol I dug deep into numbers for my local office to kill time and encourage myself. At the end of the day once you a citizen and you receive that certificate or passport you be like all that stress for this new status and you proud of yourself . Ask questions when you run into challenges or weird situations. Somebody has gone through same and got over it Good luck y'all.
  6. It doesn't.calm down. It however will once you start filing for immediate relatives
  7. You don't have to be a citizen to report an abuse. Do you have kids with him?
  8. Are filing based off 3 or 5 year rule? If divorced then you will likely be denied or told to withdraw or a considerate officer will adjust you to 5 year based app and none of all that will matter Did you report the situation ?
  9. This guys are really processing so fast It look like I may be getting my passport and card approximately 10 business days from date of application that is inclusive of shipping I commend that! I wish uscis was that fast . So why do people still pay for 2 weeks expedited compared to the routine slow boat service? Does it have to do with the fact it's winter and there are no backlogs?
  10. That is the problem with alarmists and impatient people they rarely come back to tell you things went okay
  11. It is standard protocol. People pay-to-play in the weirdest circumstances
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