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  1. Thanks VJ members, Visa and passport is in hand. I would like to share our experience with you guys regarding the interview. I am not too sure where to post this, so I will post it here. My wife had her interview on April 7, 2017 in Manila Embassy. She arrived roughly 2 hours prior to the interview time. At the interview floor she had to go through several pre-requisite of fingers print, scanning, photo taken ... etc. Then she met with the first interviewer/ paper work checker. This clerk main job is to make sure all the documents are there. The Clerk went through the entire package that NVC had sent and made some comments. While doing this she was admiring our photo shoot (A.K.A pre-nup pics) Unfortunately my wife failed to take our original marriage certificate and her birth certificate. Reason being that she had copies that look so much like originals. (g221 to follow because of this) The clerk said everything was fine and that my wife can move onto the interview part. After waiting for 30 minutes, she was call to a 2nd interview. He was very nice during the process. He made comments on my wife's wedding ring. He asked how did I know her ring's size? My wife said she told me. He then laugh and said ok. No other question was asked. He then proceed to flip through the paper work the note the first clerk had written. finally we got g221 hand in 2 originals. Interview end. waited 23 days after the interview visa and passport came. Good Luck to all, learned a lot from your posts.
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    Hey koko, My wife went through this. They give you a sealed envelope with the results. You can not open it or else it will be voided. Hope that helps. 7Message me if you have any other questions. Good luck
  3. Thanks LJ2016 . Hopefully i can bring my wife here by 2nd week of May.
  4. My wife had her interview on April 7, 2017. Everything went smoothly, they only asked 2 questions. Everything else was just smiling and talking back and forth about other subjects. She received g221 to send in original Marriage certificate and Birth certificate ( note reason: I had made copies that looked so much like the originals that she thought it was original) They told her everything was fine that once the originals are submitted they will issue the visa. They took her passport and said it probably will take a week after they pick up the Originals. The website updated last 3 days but still say under administrative processing. Anyone in Manila Philippines went through this? I just wanted to get a time frame on roughly how long it will take for us to get our visa. Thanks