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  1. For starter, I am the petitioner, petitioning my wife to come here. Nearly 7 months after I filed the initial I-130, I received a letter today that USCIS wants me to submit evidence showing that the Chinese name I used and the name I use now are of the same person. For the record, I changed my name officially to the one I use now when I got naturalized back in 1996. In the initial I-130 package, I did submit my birth certificate along with my naturalization certificate. The only thing I can think of submitting in addition to the above 2 is the "certificate of attestation" which is a form we have in Taiwan showing my father/mother, along with where we lived in Taiwan. This form has my parents' names and my chinese name. I also have my old Taiwanese passport showing my original chinese name. Is this enough evidence? In the letter, it also states that relatives can write sworn statements that I indeed used my old name then changed to my new name during naturalization. Does anyone have examples of a sworn affidavits supporting name changes? thank you.
  2. This isn't an English class and we aren't going to pick on words and grammar in this manner. Sending my wife back means she'll return at the time of the return plane ticket, it's as simple as that. I was planning on keeping her here for 3 months so we can be a newlyweds together for 3 months but after reading all of the above, I don't think so at this point. And some people's experiences here, including myself's bring back haunting memories of customs officials I encountered. Did I get stopped for no reason? Sure of course I did, for the pure amount of canadian custom stamps I had in my passport seeing my ex-wife in the past, I got stopped. Did I answer my questions to them in rude manners while crossing? No, they just stopped me because I looked suspicious and I went there a lot. Were the questions similar? Yes. Why did you go to canada? What did you do there? How many days? It's almost always the same questions until an official decided to give me hard times. I once got full body searched up to my crotch while asking where I worked and where I went to college? Was that necessary? No. Did I answer anything different? No. If you've never experienced this yourself, then please don't criticize.
  3. Case closed. I have no more questions. Now you are just pinpointing this on me for no reason. I got stopped just for that, NO REASON, if you don't understand then I cannot help you. I went to see my ex-wife, I was on my way back with nothing in the car, I just got pulled in. I-130 by the end April and she will come to visit and she will go back after a month just as planned. I will no longer speak to the attorney. I am following the procedure, no shortcuts.
  4. US immigration presented itself that way after myself crossing the border over 30 times between canada and usa at Detroit. NOT ONCE do I think I should be overpowering them, but MANY TIMES they did that to me and FOR NO REASON. So you tell me how I should think of them. Don't forget bcking's story above. I have encountered many officials with superiority complex. I am not trying to make this difficult but these stories and the attorney I'm talking to are flat out scaring me and confusing me. So I'll stop right here and go my way to file the paper whenever I can, the way I should. We all want our loved ones here with us, I just hope it's easier than what I'm hearing.
  5. The funny part was that all kiwis are from australia and oranges were from Florida. The canadians and americans get the same identical kiwis and oranges. I eat that stuff in canada and poop in a garden in USA, i grow the ecosystem there over here. I digress....that's why some these technical points about intent to immigrate seems technical and yet pointless to me, other than freaking out their spouses coming to america. No, that specific customs official really was gay. I could tell from the way he talked and the nicely trimmed eyebrows.
  6. I am fluent in both English and Mandarin yes. I must mention that i just remembered another gay customs official I encountered driving back from canada crossing Detroit. I had a fruit tray in my car I was going to eat as lunch, he took it away from my trunk and threw it into a huge garbage with extra force right in front of my face as a show of power. thank you for dumping my fruit tray.
  7. I am accompanying my wife because it is her first time in united states and she is not fluent in English. Speaking broken English back to a customs officer in a nervous manner can possibly trigger problems. I don't want her to feel nervous and that's why I am doing this and is the only reason. Read my story I just posted about another customs official with superiority complex which put me in the small office for no reason for two hours, while travelling alone from canada back to chicago, driving by myself. Who accompanies with me does not matter, and whether I am a citizen does not matter either.
  8. All joking aside, I have dealt with this before and my distaste with customs officials is very heavy. I used to travel between chicago and toronto frequently, that's where my ex-wife was and I have gotten full body searches at least twice and got pulled into the small office multiple times while re-entering united states as a long time united states citizen driving through the border crossing at Detroit. I once encountered a completely racist customs official who sent me into the small office complete with a bunch of lies and make-up things jutted down on his notes for me. My car was apparently from Ohio, I could not put my hands in the pockets in that freezing room and I wasn't supposed to smile. As a tax payer in this country for over 20 years, I was seriously offended. SERIOUSLY. So whatever you guys are saying here does give me a lot of fear. Scary stories that can immediately invalidate the $1200 I've spent on her and $1400 I've spent on myself to go get her back here safely on 5/13, just for a short visit. What am I ultimately doing this for? FOR LOVE? So why all the unnecessary BS?
  9. bank account, job, she will move back to stay with her folks soon but she will still be there. and I'm wondering what they question in "secondary" if she does get sent there. Do they make her kneel on her knees and answer questions with a lash ready to go? what kind of country is this...
  10. Please... I'm trying to get all these confusing comments out of the way or I might as well leave my wife back in Taiwan, with us separated for a whole entire year.
  11. She is not a parcel to me, but I have encountered some customs officials myself that would treat humans just like so! Stone faced, feel like a complete racist, you know what I mean.
  12. The massive amount of confusion here is making me want to send her back within just 2 weeks, and deal separation for a long time. I am hearing 2 separate sides here: - visit, not for a long time and file whenever or - DO NOT FILE YET in huge warning, until after she leaves Fine, I will file after she leaves. But I'm begging the question whether she can visit a second or third time. If she is going to get stopped and questioned like a terrorist and i rather not have her visit.
  13. Is it not obvious the purpose of a spouse visiting usa or really the husband/wife while the filing is in progress? Why would this get flagged as intent to immigrate?! w t * Ok, so two get married, one is a US citizen, it's only natural for one wanting to be with the other, so what is the massive issue here with customs officials? Purposely leave the two apart by tearing them apart at their his/her visit?! Of course, the other one is intending to immigrate here!!!!!!!! Just via the correct channel and not while visiting!!!!!!!!!!! I don't understand the legality here and why it is "suspicious" in any way at all. This is also why I am heading back there via a $1400 ticket for just 3 days to get her back and entering via the same line so I can speak since she isn't fluent in English. If filing after she returns is safer then so be it. But my question now turns to whether it is ok to visit FOR A SECOND OR THIRD TIME after the filing is kicked into gear. What was it that I read on the USCIS website? we welcome you..... or is it we don't welcome you?
  14. thank you so much. Can anyone also confirm if there is still a G-325a form required? This is apparently not listed as part of the package on USCIS' website.... i'm wondering why.
  15. That's what I thought, it is just a visit under VWP. i still need to apply for the CR-1 visa.