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  1. Congrats , did ur case get transferred to another office ,if yes then when pls. Thanks
  2. I just got a notification this morning that my case has been transferred from Csc to another uscis office , that should be a good thing hopefully.
  3. I don’t know the steps but people do background checks on themselves from the FBI , it takes like 3weeks to get it all done , you can try to google it out
  4. Try get a try get a background check on your self from the FBI . If it’s successful then u would have narrowed down ur next step
  5. Yes , there is also a portion they asked if you filling the petition with your child , u will answer No
  6. Hey , yes include all your kids including the one born here
  7. Update guys 5/10 mailed application CSC 5/16 noa 5/27 bio stated 6/7 hope everything moves fast for us all
  8. Harrasment Conviction or not isn't going to stop from getting your GC , u can wait till it's dropped between ur 90 days window , if it insnt dropped by then ,file and notify them , put it in writing that the case is still pending . Pls don't rush to take any plea deal , if u know u can fight it ,pls fight the case.Stay blessed
  9. We saying the same thing ,lol ,it's never going to be an issue if it was dropped,I was just trying to say the op should never be convicted of anything domestic
  10. you have to notify us is about the court case , they wouldn't adjudicate ur application till your court case is over.try to make sure the case is dropped , if not ,try not to make the word DOMESTIC appear in any of your charging document. Simple assault wouldn't bar you from renewing ur GC
  11. Well doing the waiting game , hopefully this process will come and end fast with good news
  12. Mailed form 5/11 delivered 5/13 checked cashed 05/17 never been glad someone cashed out of my account 😁😁, finger crossed for the noa and biometrics
  13. Hey cocoza , don't worry about it , u would receive ur noa letter this week, I think things are going pretty fast with the acceptance of the form