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  1. I am not so much interested in the time frame of the visa becoming available. I know it takes a REALLY long time. I am interested in knowing if my father's nieces and nephews would still be elegibile even though they have all become adults during the time the petitions were being processed. So when i say penalize, I mean will they no longer be eligible because they are not under 18. Not sure if you understood my question.
  2. Thank you for your response. Its good to know that these visas are taking even longer than expected. So basically even if it does take 14 years the children won't be penalized for being adults now?
  3. My father has 5 siblings. He petitioned for them and their wives/husbands and children about 7-8 years ago. A visa has yet to become available. My question is, when the petitions were filled out a lot of the children (my father's nieces and nephews) were under age. Now, the majority of them are not because of all the time that has passed. Most of them are over 18 but not married. If a visa does become available in the next 2-3 years from these petitions does it still apply to these children even though they are no longer under 18? Thanks.
  4. As of now yes, they are very young. The mother would agree because she knows it would be a better life for the children. If it really takes 10 years then it might be different since the children would be much older.
  5. Good to know. He is definitely getting a divorce soon. But you're saying even if he is divorced it can take up to 10 years for him to be able to enter USA?
  6. Hi! The son is almost 30. He is married but estranged from his wife. He has two children. How would this work? Is he less eligible because he is married? Would the kids be able to be included in the petition also?
  7. Asking for my in laws. They recently became permanent residents and entered USA on feb 2nd. Can they, and if so, how long will it take for them to be able to petition for their only remaining son in Dominican Republic? Do they have to be residents for a certain period of time? How long is it usually taking for this visa to become available? 5 years? Thanks.
  8. I did some more research and found this video which was very helpful. I hope it helps someone else. I was able to pay for both my in laws immigrant fee's with the assistance from this video. All the info can be found on the immigrant visa on the passports.
  9. In laws arrived on February 2nd. I just realized we have to pay immigrant fee for them to receive their green card. I was getting ready to log in to pay the fee and realized I can't find DOS number anywhere. They received ONE form when they left airport and there is a section on the top right where someone was suppose to fill out the DOS # and it is blank. My question is, how can I get a hold of these DOS #s to pay these two fees to pay for the green card. Anyone have any insight or can offer advice? I hate to think this is gonna set us back further.
  10. How on earth do I find the DOS number to log in? I have the A number for both but where is DOS number?
  11. OK...So i think I figured out that I need to pay a fee of $165 for each green card...I found out how to do it online. My worry, is, we payed for many fees during process such as IV visa fee, how do i know we haven't payed tis fee for the green card already?
  12. Hi everyone, My in laws arrived to USA on february 2nd. One of them has received the social security and the other one is still waiting. I will call if it doesn't arrive soon. My confusion is, what is the process for them receiving their green card? 5 years ago when my husband came it just came in the mail but now i hear you have to pay a fee for it. How can I pay that fee. When I went on the uscis website it says i need to file form 485 and provide a bunch of evidence, which are all things we have already done during the application and interview process.. I am so confused. HELP!
  13. While reviewing the DS-260 for my mother I noticed I forgot to put the province she was born in. I only included the city, not the province. The problem is her passport says the provice/country. All of her other documents including birth certificate, ID etc include the city though. Do you think this will cause a problem at the interview? Is there an easy way to add this detail without delaying the interview. How do I even go about adding the detail? The case is no longer at NVC. Can my mom just point it out at the interview.. The interview is scheduled for January 4th. How serious is this? Thanks.
  14. Any SDQ people that have gone through this recently feel free to offer tips. My in-laws interview has been scheduled in Santo Domingo for January 4th. I am gonna have them do their medical soon. I am reading the P4 email and it says to bring a whole slew of paperwork and I want to know if its completely necessary. 1. ORIGINAL copies of all civil documents? Really? We have already sent this to this really necessary? 2. It says bring ORIGINAL and PHOTOCOPIES of all financial and civil documents like I864 and marriage and birth certificates for EACH applicant. Honestly? Really? I need to fill out I864 along with tax returns again? This seems like overkill Back in 2012 when my husband and I went to our interview at the same embassy, the consul had all of the original documents from NVC in their possession and I remember I had taken new originals for the interview and they didn't even ask for them...I don't want to do this again if i can avoid it as it is stressful to fill out all this paperwork again and it cost money to request more original copies. ANY dominican republic applicants have any advice?
  15. Thanks again! I appreciate you breaking it down.