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  1. I just returned from Philippines, where I'd intended to marry my girl. We both go all our required paperwork, and set a date with the town mayor. Due to my limited time there, we decided to leave for our "pre-honeymoon". Booked tickets, reserved hotels, and were on our way to the bus station when we go the call that the mayor was out of town and wouldn't be back until after my departure date. We decided to get a fiance visa. Now, I understand that the Manila Embassy doesn't like that. They "have no official law disallowing it", but I'm not sure if I'll be wasting my money. My dad and I own cars and a home together (for safety sake), and my share of the equity is nearly $100k. I have a good job, but unable to work much due to recent persistent illness over the last 18 months (it's a regional thing, and I'm planning to move soon), so my income doesn't meet the criteria. Dad is retired, with a good pension, and ss income. Do I stand a chance?
  2. Yes, I did. Thanks to all for your help. I just picked up my replacement visa today. I thought I'd lost it, so I paid $185 for a rapid replacement. Before I left to pick it up this morning, I found my "lost" one. $185 down the drain!
  3. Zona Rios is a bit of a rough area. That's more in the Eastern hills. You should be fine staying clos e to downtown, and playas. Other nice places are Rosarito, Ensenada, and Puerto Nuevo if you like lobster. There's a place overlooking the beach there (I always forget the name) that's very affordable for a nice lobster dinner with rice/beans and margarita. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 depending on the current exchange rate.
  4. Sorry, not trying to come across flippant. I'm just stating how it works there. We're both Christians, and won't entertain the thought of doing things deceptively.
  5. That really shines a light. I've been reading about the K3, but I've also read that it's not being used. Sooo, I'll look for CR-1 Docs to download. Cheers for that!
  6. I think we were writing the same thing at the same time. lol We'll leave at the 5 1/2 month mark. Thanks for the advice
  7. Sorry, I meant to type K-3. We're getting married next month as soon as possible. I'll bring her and her child to Tijuana shortly after that. To stay in compliance with local ordinances, we'll return to Philippines around the 5 1/2 month mark, then re-apply for the Mexican tourist visa. I've played that game a few times with countries I've lived in previously.
  8. My ex wife won't allow me to take our son there, and my job is here.
  9. I live only 25 minutes from the border. I'm there a lot. I really enjoy Puerto Nuevo for the lobster, when it's in "season". I've done the Rosarita-Ensenada bike ride like 17 times, and I've dated a few girls from Tijuana. Plus, renewing my Costco card there is half the price as it is in San Diego! A lot of San Diegan's live their and work here. However, the new president has been making life difficult for residents... He's recently increased the cost of energy (oil, gas, fuel, etc) so high, that barely half the amount of cars are on the road now. Commensurately, food, goods, and services are also increasing at an alarming rate. Very tough has recently become even tougher for my Mexican neighbors right now. For sake of time, I'm thinking of renting a small place near Playas de Tijuana, or even in HOTEL TIjuana. Cost is about the same, I'm just not crazy about the border "smell". If anyone on here is from the area, you know what I mean... lol
  10. I didn't see those links originally, but I already knew that. Thanks again for it, though.
  11. That's not really how it works over here. Most Mexicans here speak English. There isn't any intention of her working there, but it wouldn't be difficult if she decided to. I'm not being flippant. I'm being factual. I've lived in San Diego for over 30 years, and been in Tijuana more times than I can count. Many of my friends and neighbors are from there, and we travel there together often. I'm very comfortable in this realm, as I draw from first hand experience. Regardless of all that, it's detracting from my original post, which I believe has been answered.
  12. Perhaps I'm not being clear. I'll be with her supporting her. I will stay there with her, then cross to go to work and conduct business across the border. She'll neither be alone, nor need to afford anything.
  13. Thanks Carla, but that's not exactly how I'll do it. I'm close enough to cross daily. No need for any visa for me. If anything, I'll get CENTRI to allow me to cross faster. I don't need a visa at all for stays under 6 months. That being said, I'll only stay for 2 days at a time MAX. It then resets.
  14. That's actually not what I'd intended to do. The intention of greased wheels was to expedite the Affidavit in Lieu, and her CENOMAR documents in order to marry in a timely manner. Nothing to do with staying beyond a legal time frame in Mexico.