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  1. RFE asking for a waiver that I supplied

    Petition was approved after submitting the RFE as I described.
  2. RFE asking for a waiver that I supplied

    A follow up on my original question. I spoke to a lawyer about my RFE situation. He said there is no telling why they requested a previously submitted document. In my particular case (multiple filer) he suggested that I re-write the letter requesting the waiver and include every shred of evidence I could provide even if it is more duplication. He said I should spoon feed this to the adjudicator with a logical table of contents... using highlighters etc. You have to assume the person knows nothing of their job and is too lazy to look anything up... so include excerpts from form instructions, etc. He also said it's important in a multiple filer case to show that you are not a "serial filer" who is abusing the K1 visa. Affidavits attesting to prior relationship details or from a pastor attesting to your character can help. As can photos. I sent 28 photos. This is probably complete overkill... but I am putting it here to pay it forward for others on VJ.
  3. RFE asking for a waiver that I supplied

    Yes... letter format.... it is signed at the bottom and the date is at the top before the salutation. I did however include a title at the top in bold letters "Request for General Waiver on Multiple Filing Restriction" And yes I elaborated on the circumstances.
  4. RFE asking for a waiver that I supplied

    That is my first instinct as well. It was on its own sheet and directly on top of the I-129F. However I don't know how these petitions get sliced and diced before landing on someone's desk.
  5. I just got an RFE for my I-129F petition asking me to apply for a multiple filer waiver. I am confused because I knew I needed this waiver and included it with my submission. As suggested elsewhere on VJ -- I wrote a paragraph stating I have no criminal history and requesting the waiver. I then elaborated on my specific details which are absolutely bog standard. Does this mean the person handling my case was simply lazy and didn't LOOK at my submission? Or does it mean they want more evidence regarding the supplied waiver request? There is no specific language on the RFE besides "you must file for a waiver" ... well I did Thoughts?
  6. Hello amazing VJ community! I have a question about k1 interview questions. I am the USC petitioner and my fiancee is Ukrainian and will do her interview in Kyiv. I was previously married to a Russian woman who entered the US on a K1 visa (I was the petitioner). My current fiancee and I both believe that it's good enough to know the very basics about this prior marriage and digging too deep just brings up bad memories and serves no real useful purpose for our future. She was also married before and I was pissed off when I had to fill out her prior spouse's name on the forms. I really don't even want to know this information. My question is -- what line of questioning on this matter can we expect during her interview? Will suspicion be roused if she is short on details regarding my past marriage? Can she simply say... "I know he was married years ago.. I don't know the details because I believe it is of no consequence to our future" or something like that. Thank you!