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  1. Mine was 'fingerprints received' from January until August - when it changed to Interview Scheduled. lol Mine is Sep 25 - almost there!
  2. Mine did not have fingerprints, but was Full Disclosure It went through the process smoothly.
  3. Congrats!! ... Very exciting! My interview is next month, so trying to get prepared. Did she go over any of your documents / photos?
  4. Keep an eye on the mailbox - I actually got the text this morning, and the letter in the mail this afternoon. haha. The notice date was the 17th - and the system only updated today. lol. (I think we're both interviewing at the same office, lol)
  5. I had a text message and email, saying my status had changed Logged in USCIS case status and sure enough, the update was there, along with the date of interview. The hardcopy was mailed today so I expect that will arrive in 4/5 days
  6. USCIS won't contact the employer All USCIS will ask for (after you have initiated the expedite process) is for you to fax the letter of offer (on company letterhead, and signed by the company). So all you need to do, is call USCIS and give them your case number, ask to expedite the process based on financial hardship and mention you have an active job offer. They will say it takes 5 days to action and you'll get an email. (My email never arrived, so if you don't get it, call back in 5 days and get the reference numbers you'll need, lol) Then you fax back a copy of their correspondence and the job offer. No contact with employer. They usually update case within a week at that point and issue the EAD.
  7. I just went through the joyful California DMV experience. haha. When your wife has her EAD card, she will be able to get her CA License again. The EAD card, is what "establishes residency" and legal status in CA, according to the DMV here. I'm afraid there's not much more to do, other than wait at this point. (As someone else mentioned, I think the AB60 wait times will exceed the time is takes to get the EAD).
  8. https://www.uscis.gov/military/citizenship-military-personnel-family-members/citizenship-spouses-and-children-military-members If you are joining your spouse overseas, and you are on her orders as accompanied, then there is the option to expedite the naturalization process
  9. Complete the DS-160 online (you'll need a digital copy of the passport photo to attach to your application - you can't submit the application without the picture) The Police Certificate is issued to you (mine arrived in the mail) after you apply and pay for it ... I applied through the Australian Federal Police, so I assume NZ will have a similar m(http://www.police.govt.nz/faq/how-do-i-get-a-police-clearance-certificate) You take all original documents with you, to the visa interview. You don't send those ones in. Follow the checklist, and take EVERYTHING they ask for in your package
  10. I believe it took around 5 days for my medical results to be sent to the Embassy from the Dr I used (Dr. Rappaport at George Street Medical)
  11. There is a process to expedite military spouse naturalization (if the spouse plans to move with the active duty member) -https://www.uscis.gov/military/citizenship-military-personnel-family-members/citizenship-spouses-and-children-military-members I'm unsure if there's a process to expedite AOS though - I'm experiencing a similar thing The number for the USCIS military helpline is (877-247-4645) - I have a little more time than you so I haven't started bugging them yet, lol, but let us know if you find anything out!!
  12. I had a laugh at the "buying tickets even though we know better" line ... I did exactly that, and I cut it pretttttty fine. haha. My interview was Nov 29 ... Visa was issued and in transit 2nd of December ... I received it 5th of December ... I flew SYD to LAX on the 6th of December ... Butttt I had a very stressful 5th of Dec - when the courier company literally had NO CLUE where my package was - for around 5 hours. Seems TOLL don't make calls to Depots - they communicate by EMAIL ... Hours went by before they tracked it and I'd almost pulled out all my hair....You had 1 job, Toll Suffice to say, they finally found it and I drove myself to the Depot to collect it, didn't trust them to deliver. lol.
  13. And here I thought I was being tricky, lolol... Thanks guys - will have the transcripts organized and at the ready, in the event we need them!