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  1. My interview was last year for my husbands K1 and now my daughters CR2 is tomorrow. You can look at my timeline to see how the K1 was. Super easy, super simple and fast, they just had a minor problem with the birth certificate and asked for a better copy, delayed us getting the visa in the mail by 2 weeks. Tomorrow I will post review of my daughters CR2 on my other VISA JOURNEY page: valentindadp
  2. Annie, my daughters interview is tomorrow. Where did you login to see the change from AP to Issued? I dont remember from last year Last year when my husband got ISSUED he received his passport in the mail in 7 days. There was one envelope and inside this envelope there was the passport and visa information as well as another envelope that clearly stated DO NOT OPEN. This envelope will be the one you give to the immigration border attendants at the airport.
  3. We filed for AOS from a K1 visa on September 7, 2016 and FINALLY got approved today on May 4! How many days does it usually take for the Green Card to come in the mail? My husband's father has cancer and will be having surgery to remove his prostate on May 13. God Forbid something were to happen, is there a chance the Green card would arrive by this date? My husband has a travel permit but I am so afraif of him traveling just with that.
  4. CC on April 25, Documents in Transit on May 2, Documents Ready at Consulate on May 3. Dont have an interview date yet as consulate will make the appointment since this was an expedite for my daughter's CR2. Praying that the interview date will come this week still.

    K1 is for my husband I did a CR-1(2) for my daughter but the system wont allow me to post two timelines hehe

    I was in the same situation as her, since I had been living in Brazil prior to moving back to the states. I only had 6 months of work under my belt and no previous tax returns and was able to sponsor my husband and daughter solely on showing proof of my work status and my last 3 months of pay stubs. They understand that people live oversees and may not have filed tax returns in the U.S. The person in the situation has not even submitted the I-130 and is waiting for the husband to move back to the U.S. before submitting. She needs to know the long road they have ahead of them as no one was ever kind enough to let me know I would be separated from my husband and daughter for an entire year.

    4-6 months at USCIS and then another 3 months at NVC, in my situation in Brazil it took 11 months, so just short of a year.....why is this wrong?? NVC is taking LONGER and LONGER now so the entire process before documents are asked are estimated to take 11-13 months.

    Have you already filled out the I-130? This will take at least one year before you even need to show any financial documents. If your husband is already employed in the u.S. and can fill out 2016 taxes and potentially 2017 before the interview I dont think there will be an issue. I just filed on my own for our daugther and like I said did not have tax returns prior to 2016. I make enough to money to meet the requirements and was only asked to show my W2 from 2016 and my tax return from 2016. I also submitted a letter from my current employer stating that I have worked here for 10 months and what my annual pay is, also my last 3 pay stubs. I was approved with this information.
  9. I wanted to share my story to potentially help you guys out I received an expedited process at USCIS for my teenage daughter by going to an Info Pass appointment and speaking with a consular about her health problems. She has had a lot of anxiety problems being away from her parents for a year now and so I had a letter from her psychologist and her doctor as she fainted twice in school. The doctors felt that this is all stress related but also felt she needed further neurological evaluation which, in our small rural farming community in Brazil, does not exist. I found that going to the info pass appointment is what granted us the expedited process as I had already been waiting for 2 months for an expedited response and the consular was so nice and caring/concerned about the situation. I went to Info Pass on a Thursday and by Monday she had been approved and documents sent to NVC. Then I emailed NVC explaining she had already been expedited through USCIS and now I was requesting an expedited process through NVC, I also attached all medical documents to the email. They emailed me within 1 day saying once I submitted everything and paid everything they would expedite it through NVC and the interview. I called NVC every day and in 2.5 weeks they let me know over the phone CC. Now yesterday on May 2 the system says IN TRANSIT. I am like many of you that have not received interview information. NVC says to contact embassy. Embassy in Brazil ONLY accepts emails, no phone calls. They also DO NOT respond to emails....what a joy. So now I am in the waiting game to find out WHEN and HOW I will know about my daughters interview. Considering I am in the U.S. and will fly down to meet her for the interview, I hope that they will give me at LEAST 1 weeks notice. I am so very thankful though for the help I have received and happy that she will be reunited with us VERY VERY SOON.
  10. Im in the same boat NVC status is "IN TRANSIT" to US consulate in Brazil but I do not know the interview as it will be set by the consulate wince we were given Expedite! Making me go crazy as you can only contact the embassy by email, they do not allow phone calls.....and IF they answer an email it takes 7 days...... My poor baby daughter is living with my in laws for 10 months, we need to be reunited with her :-(

    Hi! I am also a Brazilian/American and sponsored by Brazilian husband. At the time I was living in Brazil and had not filed taxes in the U.S. for 3 years. Before we filed I already had a job offer so I completed the Affidavit of Support with my sponsor letter but then I also had my mom and my sister fill joint sponsor letters just to make sure. For them they just showed their work letters and last 3 months of pay stubs. We had no problems. Send me a private message if you want to know more.
  12. My status on the CEAC STATE system changed just now to IN TRANSIT and stated that NVC has notified me of the interview date. When will they send me an email about this interview date??? Will it come by mail or email?
  13. Thank you MLK I waited 35 minutes on hold at NVC and then asked to speak with a supervisor because I never received an official expedited letter, only an email saying that I agree to expedite it but nothing else. The supervisor informed me that they will process my daughter's application this week at NVC...so maybe miracles do happen?
  14. Hi MLK Thank you, how did you find out which type of expedited process you were awarded?
  15. Has anyone had any luck getting an expedited process through NVC? I was granted an expedited process at both USCIS and NVC and submitted all my final documents on April 18. I called them on April 20 and the costumer service agent confirmed they received the documents but that it would still take 11 weeks for them to review my file. I find this to be crazy considering the immigrant is facing a medical emergency and we have been approved for an expedited process. Anyone else experiencing a wait of 11 weeks even WITH expedited approved?