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  1. Thanks Blooms! Hopefully that happens to us too, It has been over a month since I responded to the RFE, so who knows.....maybe we will get results soon. Finger Crossed
  2. Yes we did submit a copy of the DS-3025 but still got a letter in the mail requiring the I-693 and had to send this I-693 within 45 days or the AOS would be dnied
  3. My husband arrived to the U.S. on August 12 on a K1 and we were married on August 19th. In September we submitted all paperwork for AOS and he received his EAD 60 days later. On December 20th we received a letter in the mail requesting us to send the Medical From I-163. I just saw on the USCIS link that immigrants that come on a K1 visa and marry in 90 days can be exempt from an interview and can get their green card directly if enough proof that the marriage was legitimate was given during the K1 process. The reason why I am hopeful of this waiver is that they dont usually ask for the I-163 until the interview, but in our case we were asked even though we had submitted the sealed envelope from the doctor's report at the US embassy in Brazil --needed to obtain the K1 visa. . Husband had a biometrics appointment with the local USCIS office in Iowa back in October to process his EAD. Submitted fingerprints and photos. Has any K1s out there had their interview waived and got their permanent green card in the mail without needing an interview?
  4. When you apply for a K2 you have two optons 1. K2 travel with parent 2. K2 follow to join. We chose option 1, therefore we CANNOT do option 2. This has been made very clear by Immigration. It breaks my heart that she must stay another year without her parents
  5. No, we cannot get her K2 re-issued. This information I already know. Please I just want to know if someone has the experience of first applying for the I-129F and then for the I-130
  6. Hello I wanted to know if anyone else has had to go through this process and what the outcome was. I am a U.S. citizen and my husband came as a K1 Fiance visa and is now in AOS I-485 for his permanent residency (since September 1st, has already received EAD and travel permit) We had gotten a k2 visa for my step-daughter but unfortunately due to Brazilian laws and issues with the birth mother she was not allowed to leave Brazil and her K2 visa expired. We have now gotten all the proper judicial paperwork for her to leave the country (this has nothing to do with immigration, but Brazilian law) My questions is, I will be applying for her the I-130. My fear is that immigration may not be too kind since they had already given her the I-129 and she did not use it.........anyone had this experience and got the I-130 accepted? Is it faster since she is already in the system? Will she have to go through everything again? (she had already had the appointment, gotten pictures, fingerprints, medical in June) Is there any faster options to get her here? She is hurting, living with my mother-in-law and missing us badly.
  7. Thank you for the information Merrytoh, very appreciated
  8. Thank you, I did already email the consulate directly this morning, but they haven't been good about providing information in the past reply to Georgia16: The K2 visa is not dependent on the approval of the other parent, why does this seem odd to you? It is not the U.S. that denied her visa, its the rules in Brazil that doesnt allow a minor child to leave the country without BOTH parent's signatures. The K1 or K2 application does not require parents to sign the form.
  9. Please Help My husband came on a K1 visa in August we are already married, have processed I-485 and are awaiting adjustment of status My step-daughter (12 years old) is on a K2 visa but did not accompany my husband as her Birth Mother (who abandoned her at 2 years of age) refused to sign the documents for her to leave Brazil and travel to the U.S. Long story short we are in court awaiting the judge to give this travel permission for her to be able to leave the country. The judge set the trial date for December 22 and her visa expires December 19th. Can someone please tell me what we can do to extend her visa? Or what our options are at this point? Our daughter is living with my in-laws and we are all so miserable being apart ( I had been living in Brazil with my husband and her for the last 4 years and its just breaking our hearts). Please help us with information you may have. They got their visa at the American embassy in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  10. I live in Iowa and we were ONLY able to get my husband's SSN AFTER the marriage by presenting the Marriage License.
  11. Passport arrived today - July 25, 2016 Interview: June 28, 2015 They are leaving Brazil August 12! I miss them so much! 6 weeks since I have seen them! Can't wait for their arrival!!!!
  12. Bom Dia No, we never got any communication from the consulate. I did email them after waiting 3 weeks and they emailed back "We are in the final process" and then about a week later the visas were issued.
  13. Status update: Just changed to ISSUED, should be up to 10 days before we receive it in the mail Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Consulate Timeline: June 28- K1,K2 interview, asked to submit another copy of original birth certificate for K2 stepdaughter, 221g June 29-Administrative Processing in Immigrant Visa July 6- Sent original birth certificae by rush delivery (Received it on July 8 per mail status, never notified by the consulate) July 15- Administrative Processing to Ready in immigrant visa July 16- Ready to Administraive Processing in non-immigrant visa July 19- Issued So including the time it will take to receive the documents in the mail the timeline was about 4 weeks
  14. Last night it went back to ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING............
  15. The Status just change again!!! Now it IS non-immigrant and states Your case is open and ready for your interview, fingerprints, and required documents. If you have already had your interview, please check your status after two business days. If no interview was required, please check back in two business days for the status of your application. FANTASTIC!!!! Hopefully next week it will change from READY to MAILED