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  1. Ok so I have been to the Mumbai us consulate for my daughters CRBA interview not for the CR1 interview. The entrance is different in this case as I was with my US wife and to be US citizen daughter. It’s a special us citizens entrance from the side with no real crowd and special treatment in the lobby and stuff. Our phones were collected along with unnecessary bags and placed in a locker like box. I assume it’ll be something similar for your interview. For my CR1/IR1 case the interview was in the US embassy in London UK where I had applied. They basically asked everyone to have their phones shut off but weren’t collected and kept aside. Either ways you can carry your phone to the consulate I believe and have it with you after the interview, but I’m not entirely sure how it’s gonna be in Mumbai for the CR1 interview. Either ways, if you don’t get any 100% answer here, the safest way would be to have someone accompany you and wait outside with your phone and other stuff if you have someone you know there in Mumbai and willing to come with you . All the best !!
  2. So here’s an update - the online i90 application option now provides for DHS error cases to also use it, which is the case for such scenarios where the two year anniversary date was crossed at POE but a CR1 stamp was put in by the cBD officer. The online system is intelligent enough to not charge you any fees for such cases and allows you to upload all your relevant documents including a cover letter explaining your situation. Thats what I did on the 13th and was assigned a receipt number immediately. On the 17th the case status updated itself saying that a biometric appointment has been scheduled for me and the details have been mailed out to me. Also available online is the receipt notice (which they say has been mailed as well). Now I have also separately scheduled an info pass appointment at my local USCIS office for the 27th to get a temporary i551 stamp on my passport which I hope to use to extend my driving licence that ends in April. Hopefully they don’t turn me down saying there’s plenty of time till my current green card expires. Although that isn’t ideal but it’s just a matter of scheduling another infopass appointment in that case I suppose. Now I’m eagerly awaiting the biometric appointment letter and notice of receipt letter in my mail (although I already have the notice of receipt letter available online ). Will keep all updated.
  3. That’s a good tip. I eventually have to send my original card to USCIS and from all other advise I have got on here the paper filing is what is required. However submitting it online will give me an instant receipt for the stamp. If I do mail across the i90 package today, when can I expect the receipt reply mail from USCIS ?
  4. Thanks for all the replies so far...still have one question in my mind - Can I submit the i90 package in person via an info pass appointment (orig CR1 green card, copy or marriage cert, passport copy with stamps, cover letter) and perhaps also get the i551 stamp on my passport the same day ?
  5. Sorry I missed the context of your reply there - do it all as in submit the i90 and also get the i551 stamp in one visit ?
  6. Sorry I missed that question - it just slipped past our mind with the multiple relocations we have made. I mean if we really have no other way then I can apply for the removal of conditions and pay up the 600+ fees for the same, but the original mistake was from their end so it would be ideal if it can be corrected with the lesser amount of paperwork + cost a correction would require as opposed to removal of conditions. I called uscis on their customer service number and understandably without actually seeing the documents they cannot advice much - the lady on the line did suggest making a infopass appnt and getting it first checked by a officer so the next course of action can be confirmed. My only worry is that once I go ahead with the i 90 route (if the officer at the local office also agrees) then how to do I retain my valid resident status with a green card that has an expired date. You did mention a i551 stamp on my passport would serve that purpose - I assume I would have to make another infopass appointment to get that done some time after I submit the I 90 ?
  7. Yes that’s what I thought - but when I mail the i90 out do I get any reply that automatically extends the end date to some date in the future (one year as in the case of removal of conditions ) while the card is being processed at their end ?
  8. I thought I have to mail the i90 form to a specified address - can I also just submit at my local uscis office via an info pass appointment?
  9. Thanks for the reply - Infopass appointment you mean ? Would it be an issue that my current CR1 green card is about to expire in 2 months time and the i90 process to get it corrected can take up to 6 months ?
  10. Hi folks, i entered the US a day after my 2 year marriage anniversary so as per the uscis rules I should have got a 10 year green card. However the officer at the POE assigned a 2 yr CR1 green card that is up for removal of Conditions this April. Can I approach the USCIS now to get this corrected via an info pass appointment or some other way now or is going through the removal of conditions process my only way to go? Thanks in advance, Alan