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  1. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Congrats @spottymax to you and your wife. I'm going to note the need to have the passport pics, its a pity that they give that misleading information. Hopefully your oath ceremony is scheduled soon
  2. Thanks as usual @spottymax, all the best with your interview this week (your wife's interview, right?) It seems like N400 applications have been moving along with the exception of Miami which is severely behind
  3. I got my GE with my N400 pending, I actually wished I had gotten it right as I got my Green Card, I asked the Officer when I did my GE interview and all you have to do is do a walk up and then they can can switch to GE to your US passport when you become a citizen, its not another fee or anything. On a different note I used GE for the first when I got back from Jamaica last month and it was a breeze. I had to manually key in my Green Card number though but it was GE Kiosk and through in just a few minutes
  4. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Congrats @spottymax to you and your wife, all the best!
  5. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Thanks @vegasbound, unfortunately the Memphis uscis office realized that I moved and now Atlanta has jurisdiction so my interview was canceled and my case file was sent to the Atlanta office on the 14th, I have an infopass scheduled for the 29th at the Atlanta office if I don't get a new interview notice by then. It's all good nothing before the right time. 😀
  6. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Congrats @vegasbound; @fluff5 and @atlantaGC, I'm happy for you all and wish you all only the best!!
  7. I also intend to bring photos, its better to have them and if not just use them for the passport
  8. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Congratulations to @vegasbound; @KCCS; @Bdrave8 and everyone who has gotten movement on their N400 application. Its really good to see all this positive news. For other who are waiting, things will work out soon. Anyone thinking of doing anything special when they become a citizen? I'm definitely going to go to a typical american restaurant with my family and have staek, potatoes, Beer and apple pie Everyone have a great weekend!
  9. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Thanks @nathyn I will check but I am cool waiting, I want the family to be at the oath ceremony but if it's offered I'll jump at it.
  10. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Hey everybody, so my family and I moved to Atlanta from Memphis on July 10, I changed my address on USCIS on the 11th. I got notification on the 14th that my interview was scheduled , I just received the interview notice and it's for August 22 at 8 am in Memphis. While I was hoping for the interview to be here in Atlanta, I'm not even going to call and try to be rescheduled in ATL. I'll just ask for the oath (fingers crossed) to be here in Atlanta. So @spottymax, tag your it, you are up next from the Memphis filers to get your notification!! @vegasbound, can you update me please. All the best to everyone still waiting.
  11. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Congrats and thanks for sharing the Atlanta Oath Schedule, I recently moved to Atlanta so its good to have an idea of the dates.
  12. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Congrats to you and your Husband, Thank you for the very detailed description of your interview experience. I'm moving from Memphis to Atlanta so once I change my address I probably will get my interview at the Atlanta FO, so I really appreciate your post. All the best
  13. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    I agree with @dons888, dress up and have whatever evidence you have neatly prepared. I haven't received an interview date for my N400 but based on my AOS interview, I got dressed up, (business casual) and I was fine. I don't think they require you to but appearance matters, dressing like you are going to an interview (which you are) makes one looks prepared and may influence what the IO ask you or decide to stick on. Always err on the side of caution with USCIS in my opinion. All the best
  14. N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Congrats @VegasMX & @vegasbound, I'm glad that Las Vegas is moving along. Soon enough all November filers should be hearing something. Congrats all
  15. Glad to see Memphis moving along, slow and steady.