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  1. Thank you all, yes I was wondering the same thing but I'm glad this part is over. :-)
  2. "On June 17, 2015, we ordered your new card"..wohooo they are on a roll today, good luck everyone that are still waiting!
  3. I tried to submit it online first but it told me that I was withing processing time, in the mean time I'll make an appointment to get the passport stamped in case we need to travel. Hoping they update the processing time soon
  4. So I just called uscis customer service and it was a waste of time, the robotic person that andwered told me that even tho is been 8 months from the time they received our application, the vcs is still within processing time and they are working on sep 29 cases, I told her I understand that but that was last updated on 3/31/15..she cut me off and told me that I couldnt submit a service request but I'm more than welcome to call back later on..what a joke
  5. Yes I do believe that they have a quota for interviews, and just pick them at random..They didnt have a lease or mortgage on their name cause they were living at her parents house, didn't have shared bank accounts cause of her credit, she actually took her credit report in case they question that..She did take affidavit from her parents, and lotttsss of pics and proof with each other families..but the interviewer disnt even ask for additional proof, they just asked them question about each other, what they do, where they live, normal questions
  6. Dont worry about the interview, one of my friends had theirs earlier this year, they were missing key proof but when they got there the interviewer told them "I dont know why you guys are here", approved on the spot..Good luck!
  7. Oh damn, hope is something you can respond quickly