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  • Fee bill instructions

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    • Download the MS Word copy of the AOS fee bill (available by clicking HERE[1]).
    • Under "Bill date," type in the date the AOS fee bill was generated.
    • Underneath the date, change "XXX2005123456" to your case number.
    • (If you are applying for an IR1 instead of a CR1 make sure to change "CR1" to "IR1" everywhere you see it.)
    • Next to "Petitioner's Name," type in the USC last name, first name, and middle name.
    • You will need to replace the barcode at the bottom of the page.
      • Go to idautomation. [2]
      • Select CODE 39.
      • Select "No" for the "Add check digit,"
      • Select "No" for the "Add check digit to text,"
      • Select "No" for the "Show text below barcode" options.
      • Change the X dimension to 0.07
      • Change the Barcode bar height to 0.85.
      • Click on Create Barcode.
      • In the resulting window, right click on the generated barcode and left click on Copy.
    • Paste the image into a graphics editing program such as IrfanView (either by selecting Paste under the Edit menu or hitting Ctrl + V on the keyboard)
    • Crop out the gray text "Powered by IDAutomation.com (i.e., draw a box around the barcode only and, e.g., in IrfanView, select Crop selection under the Edit menu).
    • Copy the image from the graphics program either by selecting Copy under the Edit Menu or by hitting Ctrl+C on the keyboard.
    • Go to the Word copy of the AOS fee bill, select the original barcode, and hit the Delete key.
    • Click on Paste under the Edit menu (or hit Ctrl + V on the keyboard). The barcode you generated should be in the exact same place as the original one you deleted.
    • Detach the fee bill at the dotted line (getting rid of the blank top two-thirds of the page).
    • Indicate next to "Amount enclosed" on the bill that you are enclosing $70.00
    • Note: The barcode you put in may not be EXACTLY the same size as the original. This is okay. It needs to look good enough that the NVC data entry operator soesn't notice the difference, but does not have to be exact.

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