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    Colombia Club Guide & Tips

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    The following guide is intended to help K1 visa applicants going through Bogotá, Colombia. Also this guide is only that, a guide. Always check the embassy's website and call the embassy as well. This guide was written for K1 visa applicants, both beneficiary and petitioner that have no kids, have never been arrested and have never been married. (K-3 visa applicants can also follow this guide.)



    1. Once your I-129F is approved (NOA2), your case will be forwarded to the National Visa Center. Normally it will take about 1 to 2 weeks to get from CSC/VSC to NVC.
    2. Start calling NVC everyday about 1 week after your I-129F has been approved at: 603-334-0700 press 1 then 5. You will need to reach a live person to get information on your case since the NVC’s automated system does not handle K1 visas. Give this person your receipt #, they will let you know the status of your case, whether it has not yet been received, already received, or already sent out to the embassy in Bogotá. Once NVC receives your case, they will assign a new case # that will begin with BGTXXXXXXXXXX.
      1. If it has not been received. Keep calling until they receive it. Don’t pay attention to their script. They will tell you it may take 4 weeks for them to receive your case.
      2. If your case has been received. Ask them when it was received and if it has been forwarded to the embassy. If your case has been received but not forwarded, wait 2 to 3 days from the day NVC received it to call back and ask again. If it has been forwarded, most often than not cases will be sent out in 2 days after NVC receives it.
      3. Once you know when your case has left NVC to Bogotá. You can now calculate when it should arrive via DHL at the embassy. The norm is 3 business days. For example, if your case was sent on Monday, it should arrive at Bogotá by Thursday, the latest. (Your case will also arrive electronically from NVC to the embassy.)
    3. Now that your case is in Bogotá. Do NOT wait for the embassy to send your fiancée the packet 3. Wait 2 business days to use the following shortcut. Using the example days in section 2C: If your case has arrived on Thursday it is best to use the shortcut on Monday. The reason to wait 2 days is to give the embassy time to input your information in their system. You can also call U.S. State Dept. Visa office at: 202-663-1225 press 1 then 0 and they will let you know if the embassy has received your case.

      Shortcut - Fax packet 3 to the embassy 011-57-1-(315-4155). This will save you at least 2 weeks if not more by doing so. I would advise to send the packet 3 via courier as well (i.e. Servientrega).

      Packet 3 Contents:
      1. Cover letter
      2. Copy of fiancée's passport (biographical data page)
      3. DS-230 Part 1 (pages 1 & 2)
      4. DS-2100 ( page 4 of packet 3 instructions)

      The cover letter should be simple and brief. Include the BGT case # on the cover letter.
    4. Two or three days after the embassy has received packet 3, they would have already scheduled you for the interview. You can wait until your fiancée receives packet 4 to find out the date of the interview. OR you can use another shortcut. The shortcut is to call U.S. State Dept. Visa office and ask them the interview date. Once the embassy schedules your interview, U.S. State Dept. Visa office is automatically notified of the date. You may also call the embassy consular section for visas, only available on Wednesdays between 2:00-4:00pm at: 011-571-315-1566 for the interview date.


      Packet 4 Contents:
      1. Passport
      2. Baptism Certificate (Fe de bautismo con notas marginales. Fotocopia autenticada)
      3. Birth Certificate (Registro Civil)
      4. Police Certificate (Certificado Judicial del DAS)
      5. Migratory Certificate (Carta del DAS, entradas/salidas)
      6. I-134 Affidavit of Support and evidence.
      7. DS-156 (2 copies)
      8. DS-156K (1 copy)
      9. Laboratory/Medical exams/Vaccinations
      10. Evidence of your relationship (photos, e-mails, boarding passes, etc.)
      11. Six passport style photos, 5cm x 5cm.


    Finally the big day is here. You will want to be at the embassy no later than 6 a.m. I suggest 5:45 a.m. At 6 a.m. there will already be a small line. At 6:30 a.m. you will not be able to see the front of the line. There will be 3 lines at the front gate of the embassy. You will want to get into line 3. Do not follow everyone that gets into line 1. K1, K3, CR1/IR1 visa petitioners need to get into line 3. This may get you in and out of the embassy quicker.



    If your fiancée lives outside of Bogotá, have her start getting the Police and Migratory certificates ASAP. As it may take several weeks to receive the certificates for people living outside of the capital. If your fiancée lives in Bogotá, she can get the certificates in a few days. Try to schedule the laboratory and medical exam 2 days before the interview. This will allow an extra day just in case any mishaps should occur. You will need an English translation of the birth certificate, get it done in Colombia. It will be a lot cheaper and faster.



    US Embassy Bogotá, Colombia - Appointment Package Website

    Packet 3 and Forms

    Packet 4

    You will need to go to SERVICIOS and then click on CERTIFICADO JUDICIAL and EXTRANJERIA (migratory)

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    NOTE: The above information does not address the specific requirements for any given case and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

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