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    Brazil K1 Guide

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    Packet 3 / Packet 4

    Rio does not require the return of Packet 3 before giving an interview date. In fact, they don't even send Packet 3 out -- just Packet 4, which contains a link to their website. This link delineates what is necessary for the interview.

    Packets in Portuguese

    Packet 3



    Favor arrumar a documentação de cada pessoa da família separadamente.

    (essa parte ela passa uma canetinha marcador amarela, pra destacar bem)


    • se não tem, não preenche nada no form que ela vai te entregar.

    2. 02 FOTOGRAFIAS DE FRENTE (com o nome atrás)



    5. DS-230-I


    7. FORM DS-156-K (somente para processos de noivos(as))

    8. FORM DS157 (somente para maiores de 16 anos)

    9. DECLARAÇÃO SOB JURAMENTO (somente para noivos)

    10. CERTIDÃO DE CASAMENTO E CÓPIA (de casamentos anteriores)

    11. CERTIDÃO DE DIVÓRCIO E CÓPIA (se aplicável)

    12. CERTIDÃO DE ÓBITO E CÓPIA (se aplicável)




    16. EXAME MÉDICO (lacrado)


    - Formulário I-134,
    - Último imposto de renda federal,
    - Prova do emprego atual,
    - Prova de cidadania Americana ou Greencard

    18. FOLHAS PENAIS (Situação judicial completa, cópia das partes do processo, ficha corrida), inclusive nos Estados Unidos (se for o caso) com cópia xerox simples,

    19. PROCESSOS NA IMIGRAÇÃO AMERICANA – USCIS/DHS (ex.: deportação, remoção voluntária, processos de mudança de categoria de visto, petições ou audiências com juízes de Imigração, documentos de pedido de asilo, etc. – se for o caso) com cópia xerox simples.


    Packet 4

    Caro Solicitante,
    Este escritório está pronto para finalizar seu(s) processo(s) para o Visto de Imigrante. Sua entrevista para solicitar o 
    visto está marcado para a data informada na carta em anexo.
    Entre na nossa página da internet: www.embaixadaamericana.org.br 
    Acesse a guia "Imigrantes" 
    Leia as informações e depois acesse o link de acordo com a sua categoria de visto. 
    Ao comunicar-se com este escritório por telefone ou e-mail, favor fornecer seu nome completo e o número do caso 
    como informado nesta carta. 
    Veja abaixo o link de acordo com a sua categoria de visto. 
    Vistos com base em familia ou emprego
    Vistos K1/K2 (novias e noivos e dependentes)
    Vistos K3/K4
    Setor de Visto de Imigrante

    Packet in English

    Dear [Applicant Name Here]:
    This office is ready to begin final processing of the immigrant visa applicant(s) named below in this case. We have 
    scheduled an appointment for a visa interview in the Immigrant Visa section on the date printed below. This letter must be 
    presented upon your arrival at this office on the appointment date. 
    Please see the enclosed information for further instruction about the medical examination required for all intending 
    immigrants. Be sure to read all of the enclosed information and follow the instructions very carefully. When communicating 
    with this office either by telephone or e-mail, please provide your name and case number exactly as shown in this letter.
    Chief, Immigrant Visa Branch

    Packet 3

    Put the documents in the following order, with photocopies behind the originals. Please fix the documentation for each family member separately.

    1. Contact information in Rio de Janeiro (one per family)

    If not, do not write on the form that she will deliver.

    2. 2 Passport-sized photographs (behind the name)

    3. Passport

    4. Receipt of interview payment from Citibank

    5. Form DS-230, Part I

    6. Two forms DS-156

    7. Form DS-156K (only for fiancé(e)s)

    8. Form DS-157 (only for ages 16 +)

    9. Affidavit (only for fiancé(e)s)

    10. Marriage certificate (from previous marriages) (if applicable)

    11. Divorce certificate (if applicable)

    12. Death certificate (if applicable)

    13. Police certificate (state police for each state resided in for more than 6 months)

    14. Police certificate (Federal Police)

    15. Police certificate for other countries (if applicable)

    16. Medical Examination (sealed)

    17. Financial Support

    - Form I-134,
    - Latest federal income tax,
    - Proof of current employment,
    - Proof of U.S. citizenship or Green Card

    18. Court records (Situation judicial complete copy of parts of the process, technical race), including the United States (if applicable)

    19. Previous documentation with American Immigration - USCIS / DHS (eg, deportation, removal, voluntary processes of change of status, petitions or hearings with judges immigration documents, asylum, etc) (if applicable)

    Packet 4

    Dear Applicant, 
    This office is ready to begin final processing of the Immigrant visa applicant(s) named in the attached letter 
    containing the date of your interview
    Go to our webpage: www.embaixadaamericana.org.br 
    Within our webpage, go to the "Immigrant" tab. 
    Read all information and then access the link according to your visa category. 
    When communicating iwth this office by phone or e-mail, please provide your name and the case number as informed in this
    K1/K2 VISAS (fiancée and dependents)
    K3/K4 VISAS
    Sincerely Yours,
    Immigrant Visa Section


    To obtain your interview faster than the typical 10-14 day processing time post-receipt, you may send the consulate an email. It may take a few exchanges before the interview date is given.

    An example email:

    Boa Noite,
    Gostaria de saber a data da minha entrevista no Rio de Jainero.
       Case number: RDJXXXXXXXXXXXX
       Processo aprovado: [NOA2 date] - [I-129F service center] 
       Data de envio de NVC: [NVC letter date] 
       Peticionario: [Name & Date of Birth] 
       Beneficiario: [Name & Date of Birth] 
    Desde já, muito obrigada pela informação.

    You'll get an automated response telling you that they'll get back to you in 3 days.

    Obtaining the Documents & Certificates


    Embassy requires pictures to be cleared, no earrings, jewelry, eye glasses.. ears should be visible enough not hiding under hair [for women]. pictures must be 5x5 or 5x7 cm.

    Medical Exam

    One highly recommended certified doctor is Dr. Joaquim Duarte - Rio - (21) 2533-1311. His office is across the street from the Embassy. They are the best, excellent doctor and assistants, and they perform the tests quickly (though you will need to go the day before the interview).


    Doctor appointment: R$300,00
    Blood test: R$150,00
    X-Ray: R$20,00

    Exams: He will tell you which the vaccines you are supposed to take in advance over the telephone - ask when you make the appointment.. The most common are: Tetanus/Diphtheria , MMR (Sarampo, Caxumba, Rubéola). He allows women to obtain a statement about their health from the gynecologist and not re-examine if he gets the statement. The clinical exams are: blood pressure, heart beat, height and weight, and several questions.

    Police Reports

    General Requirements: http://brasilia.usembassy.gov/pdfs/Listdocs_fiancees07.pdf

    As you may know, the stress of getting documentation in order prior interview is nerve-racking, especially if you wait for the last minute or if complications or delays arrive during the process.

    There are two type of reports to be obtained:

    • State Policy Report [SP]
    • Federal Policy Report [FP]


    It doesn’t make any sense to obtain a SP if you have a FP report but, US Embassy required both. You will need a State Policy Report for every city you lived for more than 6 month since you were 16 year of age.


    The State Police Reports can be obtain online for your current city you are living. The Federal Police can either be obtained personally or [online|https://servicos.dpf.gov.br/sinic-certidao/].

    The controversial topic starts whether or not these reports need to be validated/notarized. The FP needs to be validated or notarized, the SP Certificate doesn’t. But It is up to the petitioner to go thought this extra step validating the State Police Report. Since it was so confusing and too many and different information, we contacted the embassy and my fiancée has an email from the embassy advising the requirements for these records. She will attached it to the reports to avoid any possible “mis-understandings”, she notarized the FPR but not the SPR.


    The Day of the Interview

    Accommodations in Rio

    The safety of the hotels near the consulate is sketchy at best. It's recommended to either bite the taxi bullet and stay elsewhere (and enjoy the R$40/way trip from one of the hotels by the beaches) or at Caxambu Hotel. Othon and Carioca are not recommended.

    The Interview

    Some of the experiences during interview at Rio: All interviews are scheduled for 7:45 AM, expect a very long day and bring snacks as you may not be able to leave the embassy for lunch.

    It's always a good idea to arrive early. Once you're there, ask around for information on which of the lines is the one for K-1 appointments. You will be directed to a room on the second floor. You will be given a list with the order of documents to be presented and a form. Fill the latter out with your address and telephone number in Rio, email address and your fiance’s telephone number.

    After your documents and forms are in order, you will be asked sign DS 156 and DS 230. Wait for your name to be called and then present your documents. The person in charge will review all the forms and staple them as required. Finally, you will be given a number and told to wait your turn. It's not clear whether there is a specific order for the numbers to be called or not. It will take some time, so be patient. It might be a good idea to have something to read.


    When your number is finally displayed, it is time for your interview. In the room you may find one or two consuls reviewing your file.

    Some people say that the cases have been approved even before the applicants enter the room, but don’t take anything for granted. Be prepared and ready to answer with all truth and honesty. If your fiancé[e] is with you, the consul might choose to interview you individually or together. If you fiancé[e] is not with you, he or she might get a call from the embassy, so it's important to make sure they will be available to answer the phone on the day of the interview.


    The consul will ask if you speak English. If you do, it's at his/her discretion to conduct the interview in English, although you can request it to be in Portuguese. Make sure to always be polite when addressing them.


    You will be asked to sign the 156K form and then the consul will start asking questions. The objective of the interview is to find out if you are saying the truth or not and to make sure your relationship is real and honest. They will be looking for inconsistencies or something out of the ordinary in your replies, and you may be asked the same questions in different ways. Answer with nothing but the truth and remain calm.


    Remember to bring copies of your emails, correspondence, telephone logs and pictures to show your legitimate commitment. You may not need to, but it's important to have that evidence ready to back you up.


    If everything goes well, you will be out of the room in no time. If it takes some time, don’t lose confidence. They are working to get all things in place and it might be necessary to answer more questions. Remain positive no matter what.


    Interviews may last from five minutes to hours, so be mentally prepared.

    Example Questions

    Embassy Returning Passports After Interview

    The US Embassy is experiencing in returning the stamped passport to their holders. Apparently, TNT is taking a little more than the normal time to return this document on time back to the embassy consequently fiancées are having anxiety moments specially if airfare was purchased prior interview. We all know the consequences if you don’t have a stamped passport the day of traveling.. Airfare changes and extra expenses..


    If you have not had your interview and not purchased your air ticket, allow enough time specially since the holidays are approaching. If you already have your air bill, find out the fastest way the embassy can authorize your Visa Stamp, even if will cost you a couple extra Reais 

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    NOTE: The above information does not address the specific requirements for any given case and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

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