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blank avatar   Petitioner's Name: w
Beneficiary's Name: x
VJ Member: pinky2000
Country: Anguilla

Last Updated: 2010-08-31
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Immigration Checklist for w & x:

Dept of State J-1 Visa:    

J-1 Visa
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Second Interview
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Member Reviews:

Consulate Review: Morocco
Review Topic: K1 Visa
Event Description
Review Date : July 27, 2010
Embassy Review : I want to thank VJ and all the members here because it’s been such a great help without VJ and its members I would be so lost in this process and just like I have read all the cases on here and learned from others and their interviews I too would like to help others so this is how it went……….. (and by the way the questions are not in order, my hubby is so unorganized Im lucky he remembered this much of the interview lol
He got there at 7:45 to stand in line, he was the only K1 the rest were lottery and tourist visas, So when he got inside they asked him to pay the fees(cashier) and they took his DS forms then they told him to have a seat that they would call him so about 30 minutes later a moroccan woman calls him and asks for his medical papers and the affidavit of support and all the things that packet 3 instructed him to bring she then asked him if he speaks English and if he would like his interview in English or Arabic, he said English of course, she then took his fingerprints and she said to him ok have a seat and they will call u, so almost 3 hours later they finally call him to window 5, it was the young blonde American woman he said she was very nice she then asked him….......
Write your fiancés name here on a blank sheet of paper and sign it
Where did you meet your fiancé at? And when? Is it a dating website? He said no its an islamic website
When did she come to morocco? And for how long? And how many times? He said one time/1month
How long did you have your account at this website before you met her?
How did you two start talking? And who started talking first?
Did you start talking more than friends from the very beginning ? he said no
What did you like about her profile?
Why don’t you two get married here in morocco?
Where did she grow up?
Why did she move to New Mexico?
Does she miss Los Angeles? He said yes lol
How long has her father had his business?
What degrees does she have? And he told her all the ones I have
What are her hobbies? And he told her my hobbies then he added that I love to try on makeup just to try out new colors and styles and she started laughing.
How long has she been playing piano? Did she go to school for it? He said since she was 8 years old
Your English is good how did you learn? He said from school
Does your fiancé know Arabic? How did she communicate with your family? He said yes and she said chwia? and she started to laugh then he told her that I teached him Spanish and she said poco? And she started to laugh again.
Why did she waite so long from the time you two met to come to see you ? and he explained to her why
Has she ever been married before? He said no
What does she do for a living?
What are your plans for the future?
Do you plan to go to school?
What do you two have in common?
Why do you love her?
Why didn’t you get married with a Moroccan woman? Grrrrrr lol
How many kids do you want?
How many brothers and sisters does she have? And where do they live?
Do you have pics of you two? He took his folder out and gave her the pics and she only looked at 4 of them.

She did not look at any of our things, I had made about 5 or 6 folders for him full of evidence and I mean everything all the answers he gave he had proof to back it up and she did not look at none of it at all but 4 pics out of the many pics he had and she said your approved and for some reason she asked him for my 2008 income tax report which is strange because I had given him my most recent income tax report but she wanted to see the last 3 years so I wasn’t told this, the consulate told me to only give him my 2009 so anyways good thing I sent it to him with all the folders lol he just didn’t think he would need it so he didn’t take it but all he had to do was call his sister and ask her to fax it over and she did and they took his passport and told him that they would call him, and he said she kept saying to him your approved like 3 times he said she was very very nice and that the interview lasted about 20 minutes and he also said that the key is to not be nervous, to not answer just yes or no and to go very confident. This thing about not even taking one look at our evidence makes me think what I thought all along that they know if they will approve you or not before they even call them to the window, I hope this will help someone because I know reading all the posts that its helped us to prepare better. And even though the CO said APPROVED I still wont believe it 100% until he actually has his visa in hand because you just never know with Casablanca consulate.

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