Angela M.'s US Immigration Timeline

blank avatar   Petitioner's Name: Angela
Beneficiary's Name: Daniel
VJ Member: Angela M.
Country: Dominican Republic

Last Updated: 2014-10-08
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Immigration Checklist for Angela & Daniel:

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Adjustment of Status
Event Date
CIS Office : New York City NY
Date Filed : 2014-06-25
NOA Date : 2014-06-30
RFE(s) :
Bio. Appt. : 2014-07-14
AOS Transfer** :
Interview Date : 2014-11-14
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Member Reviews:

Consulate Review: Dominican Republic
Review Topic: K1 Visa
Event Description
Review Date : November 23, 2011
Embassy Review : We stayed at the Jardines del Teatro hotel just a half a block away.
We got to the consulate at 5:45am. There are 4 numbered lines but 1-3 where all one line (immigrant visa) and line 4 was for non-immigrant visas). At around 6:10am one of the workers came around clipping the numbers to the appointment letter and got the line moving(ours was 218). By 6:45am we were inside and waiting to be called. At about 7:30am we were called to window 17 and where asked for ds 156, 156k, 157, 230, birth certificate, cedula and affidavit (she said "I saw something like an affidavit there, you can give it to me now if you wish"). From there we went to window 13 to pay the US $210 visa fee for fiance. We went back to window 17 gave our receipt and where told we would be called again.
This was the longest wait. We were finally called by our number to window 24. She was a nice, young woman and spoke spanish very well. After swearing us in she asked us:

Do you have any kids?
How did you two meet?
Why didn't you marry in DR?
Do you have plans for the wedding?
Asked him:
Have you had any problems with the law? (He had a problem over 10 years ago but all charged were dropped. He went ahead and told them about it but it seems like there was a mix-up in the records…they said homicide is what shows up!!)

She then got up from the window and showed our file to someone that was standing in the center of the room by a bunch of tables and printers.

She came back and told us to sit and wait to be called again. I then knew we would be called to window 11 in order to further investigate this "homicide" charge on his record.

We were called to window 11 (by name) after about 15 minutes of waiting. He went in first, I waited outside. He asked (not in this specific order):

How did you two meet?
What did she bring you on this trip?
What did she bring you last trip?
What did she give you for your birthday?
Last time we had sex?
Who does she live with?
What airline did she fly in on?
Does she work?
Did you watch TV last night?
What did you watch?
How many times has she came to visit you?
When was your last kiss?
When is her birthday?
Have you thought about having kids?
Have you used condoms before?
Have you had any problems with the law?

After about 5 minutes he came out and I went in. He had the evidence and the officer told me to get the pictures from him. He asked to see the pictures and asked me:

Can you have kids?
Are you avoiding having kids?
Have you used condoms?
What did you see on TV last night?
Do you know if he's had any problems with the law?

I was then told to sit outside and that we would be called again by our number. All in all, we were VERY surprised at the way he spoke to us. We never felt like we were being interrogated. It was a very pleasant experience.

We were called again to window 24 while we were chatting with another couple (they went over a year ago as k1 and where denied for fraudulence and this time they were going as cr1 and were also called to window 11 again). I had noticed the consul from window 24 was sitting with the guy who takes the passport pictures (right outside of window 24 and right were we were sitting).

She looked over the file and the report from window 11, smiled at us and wrote something on the computer. The entire time, I noticed the dreaded green paper and automatically thought we had been denied. She then took the passport and closed the file (my heart officially sunk at this moment). She slid the passport and the green paper under the window and told us they needed to further investigate our case and that we would be contacted by phone when their investigation was complete.

On our way out we met up with the other couple only to hear that they had once again, been denied :-(

We were out of there by 11am.

We have concluded, as did an immigration specialist we visited in Santiago that they are investigated the "homicide" on his record and that everything will be okay. We also went to the "fiscalía" where his uncle (who works there) told us he sees those cases all the time and that we should not worry because all the records from his previous "problem" were still there and it says that all the charges were dismissed (he even explained why it showed up as "homicide" in the system.

We were told to be patient but hopeful at the same time because they could of outright denied us and they didn't and we told the truth 100% of the time. At this point only God knows how long it'll take and what the outcome will be.

Apart from the not so great news, I was please that neither of us were nervous or messed up on anything during interview. We answered everything correctly and truthfully. Whatever happens from here on out is out of our hands but we hope to have good news soon.
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