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Port of Entry Member Review #17295

Seattle Entry Date: 2022-01-30



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Arrived in Seattle Airport (SeaTac) and went to the US Residents/Green Card holders line - "Line 2". This was a massive line as seven flights from Mexico landed in front of us. The wait was approx 1.5 hrs.

On reaching the CBP officer I told him we were arriving on first time Immigrant Visas. He checked a document on his desk and found us, they were expecting us to present presumably based on incoming flight data. He then asked is we had any documents for him, and I handed over the sealed envelopes for all our family. He then spent approx 1 minutes carefully opening each packet and reading each page. Once that completed the officer took a photo and stamped passport next to the Visa and one document from each sealed envelope.

He welcomed us to the USA, said we would get green cards in the mail within a maximum of six months - but expect 6 weeks. He said we were free to travel in and out of the USA with the endorsed temporary I-551 in the passport - "you can go back to London tomorrow then come right back to the Green Card line no problem". He apologised for our wait, asked if we had any other question and we were done.

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