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JFK Entry Date: 2021-05-15



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Officer was super kind, even joked that he really needed to use the restroom. He took my packaged and opened it. Just one question was asked when the wedding would take place, I said in two days and he asked if I was nervous. I said yes and he responded, don't be! The key to a great marriage is communication! He was very nice and let me go without going to secondary.

Only downside was the line, it was sooo long, I waited for an hour and a half. So be careful with this if you have a connecting flight. I had mine but it was 3 hours apart from my first one, I could make it. But there was a guy in front of me who missed his and the lady there managing the lines just told him that the airline would rebook him...Keep this in mind when booking yours!

Good luck!

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