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Port of Entry Member Review #17186

Newark Entry Date: 2021-02-03



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Corona times -- so the plane wasn't particularly full. We arrived last due to a toddler bathroom stop, at which point there was no line whatsoever.
The CBP officer was a bit surprised by how late we were, but was very friendly and made some small talk. They congratulated me and asked about the food we were bringing (just snacks/candy) as well as for our Covid test results. The wife and I had our pictures taken and the officer stamped my USC family members' passports. They then closed up their booth and we all went to the waiting room for secondary together. They told me to have a seat and that my name would be called. Before I had even put down all the bags I was carrying, another officer called my name and returned my passport with the stamp.
No questions asked in secondary, and everybody was super nice overall. Couldn't have had a better experience.

(updated on February 5, 2021)

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