Port of Entry Member Review #16953

Atlanta Entry Date: 2019-08-01

Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Picked out a single way flight with a long connection time which turned out to be a good idea. The lines at customs were substantial by the time I'd exited the plane and asked the helpful ushers on where to line up. It would seem there were multiple aircraft arriving in the international terminal with us from London at the same time, and I found myself stood in line for around an hour despite pretty much all the border booths being occupied by officers (mostly dealing with Disneyland tourists). As expected from reading other reviews, once I finally made it to the front and a booth, I handed over my sealed envelope and passport whilst telling the officer I was a K1 visa applicant, which he seemed to appreciate. He took a picture of me, then led me to the secondary area where another officer called me up after 5 minutes. He asked me: What are you in the United States to do this trip, do you know how long this visa lets you stay, what are you going to do if you don't marry in 90 days and finally if I resided in the UK. What was funny, and something which kind of undermined the officer's serious approach to questioning me, was his supervisor stood behind him. He recognized the sports shirt I was wearing and since he was born in the same small town in Kansas as the team, he started asking me joke questions relating to their football team, and if I'd tried certain burger joints in the town, at was all rather funny honestly. I wasn't ever worried I was going to be denied, especially with the funny supervisor, once the stern officer was satisfied with my answers, he handed me a sheet of paper which outlined the adjustment of status timeline, then welcomed me to the United States!