Port of Entry Member Review #16890

Detroit Entry Date: 2019-05-09


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Was very last in line. My CBP Officer was in training and a second Officer was present as well. The Officier in training was a bit confused, since i had no envelope (Data was on Passport). All i had was a paper from the Embassy, X-ray CD, Medical report & 2 Passport pictures and some info papers about SSN & Taxes. The socond officer knew what was going on and told me all they needed was that first paper. I could keep the rest... He said... They also had sofware problems on their comps., so i had to go in the back office. This officer there typed some stuff in his comp, kept all papers, incl. infos and medical, stamped my passport and congratulated me and gave me back my X-ray CD & Passport pictures and some new info about the GC. The whole thing took about 45 min. incl. wait inline & wait in office and security check afterwards. Everybody was friendly. My Bags didnt get searched. All went smooth.

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