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Port of Entry Member Review #16838

Newark Entry Date: 2019-02-26


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Arrived quite early (around 05:30 am) on the flight from Singapore. There just seemed to be one other flight that was processing at the time we were. We ended up being some of the last people to reach the initial Immigration booth. I mentioned I had K1 & K2 visa holders with me and handed over the sealed envelopes. After processing me and doing their fingerprints, they sent us off to a side room where some different people got into the contents of the envelopes. It just took about 5-10 minutes, they stamped the visas and pointed out to us the date we needed to be married by (90 days out), and that was it. No questioning, separation, or anything. Just had a passport stamp with the date written in, that was it; no I-94 form (as those seem to be electronic now.) You can Google "I-94" to find a website that shows current I-94 status however to make sure everything is in order.

We hopped on the AirTrain over to Terminal C and stored our big bags, then caught the train into Manhattan with our carry-ons and grabbed a hotel for some much-needed sleep during the day, followed by a Broadway show that night. Then flew down to Tampa the next day.

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